Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthy Days

Currently I'm so mad in love with broccoli! Used to hate it so much that even the sound of its name makes me wanna say "no" quickly. Even back then when dad used to cook it (years and years and yearssssss ago), I would definitely not touch it. Oh wait! Maybe a bite to make sure I have an excuse to say "I've already ate the veggie!". For some weird reason I haven't eaten it for ages but somehow the impression of it being tasteless and not nice is embedded in my brain. I am very the very certain that the numbers of time I've eaten it can be counted with my fingers...Yep! That less!

Like a twist of fate that says it's time for me to fall in love with it, I met broccoli at my condo's supermarket few weeks ago (food shortage!). Since it's a very mini supermarket, so they don't have much choice most of the time. Worst of all, broccoli was the only vegetable available on that day. So yeah...that's how I got my hands on the broccoli.

Surprisingly...I fell in love with it on my first bite. It was so delicious! Ever since then, I am so happy to see fresh broccoli on any supermarket shelves! And just few days ago, I bought two stem for just RM2.90! Gosh...There's such thing as cheap and nice to my delight! Hahaha. As expected, I've already nom-ed both of them. Below are the pictures of the food that I ate yesterday. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Broccoli!

Something extra: Total damage of the food I nom-ed yesterday is less than RM3!!! *dancing around the room like I've just won a nobel prize*

Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

Egg + Salted Veggie

Foods on the table

One last pic of the Broccoli on my rice!

As for my rice, I like to have mixtures of red rice and white rice (50/50). It's less delicious of course (as expected from anything that smells "healthy"). Nevertheless, for the sake of health, have to sacrifice adjust my taste bud a lil bit.

"No Pain No Gain".

Speaking of unexpected benefits, I would have to say that this mixtures make me tend to eat less. Somehow I get full faster eating this compared to when I'm eating white rice. Awesome, right? I get to be healthy and lose my weight in a healthy way at the same time! *fyeah.jpeg*

p/s: Somehow I realized that food looks much better in picture when placed on nice plates...LOL! Nao I know what to fill my future kitchen with! *smiles evilly*


  1. I couldn't help it but to think that is 秦子奇 that make u fall in love with brocolili xD Cannot get the guy thus nom his food xP

    And yes, Vege is so much cheaper..
    one day when u married, i will buy you one nice set of plates!

    P/s: your post inspired me to cook rice like you and get slimmer too *fyeah.jpg*

    faded away smiling graciously evil...

  2. laughter

  3. LOL!! Quite la...after watching I was like "yuck...y brocolli. Summore with spaghetti wor". Mana tau memang nais wor. So he have no right to complain! LoL!

    No nid married ba. I sked is long way to

    Mari rais bagus! :) And what's with the senyum faded graciously? LMAO!

  4. hahaaa.. i ever cook spaghetti letak brocolili also woh, i should said *always with brocolili* haha xP

    hmm.. then wait u buy house bah, it's gonna be SOOON! gift it as house warming pressie ^^

    after slim slim mai happy lor, when think of that mai got evil smile, ngek3

  5. LOL!! Dun senyum kambing sorang sorang. Hahaha. Mebbe I shud try cooking spaghetti with brocolli next time if I ever happen to buy spaghetti.