Friday, January 6, 2012

Stupiak Conversation

Went back to Tumblr few hours ago as I realized back that I do have an account there! Been many months I've been neglecting on that account. And oh hey...look at what I've found there! LOL...some random stupiak conversation between Buni, Dreamie and I while talking on some subject matter. (_・。)(_-)

Stupiak One

Stupiak Two


As of my life, I'm currently into this NDS game called "Nostalgia". can skip this part if you're not into games. All these while I've been going back and forth between Android RPG games (Inotia 3, Zenonia 3 and Destinia) and NDS games (Nostalgia, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survival and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days).

Le "白い" NDS given by bro.


Nothing much I wanna say about them. Just give it a try and experience the fun on your own. Somehow I truly wish I have Playstation with me right now since I'm too free. Playstation One, Two or Three, I would be glad having any of them on my lap anytime they want to (Which I doubt they want to...*troll*).

Last but not least...I'm waiting for good news anytime soon! Please pray for me if you have spare time. *sobs*

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