Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

In case you've been wondering where did all of my previous posts gone to, I've set all these babies as draft. (Right from the first post posted on 2008 till the end of 2011) Found them to be so messy and the label is so terribly labeled! So ya...from nao on I'll pay more attention to it. Just thought that I should use them nicely as they're part of a blog too. Hopefully next time you guys can go back to any particular posts you'd like to read by clicking on the labels located at the right column. Will add these when I'm ready. Do look forward to it! (*^ ^)ノ⌒☆


So back to my original plan for today's post...

I wanna wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So did you guys have fun on New Year's Eve? I can say that I do...Virtually! *adds virtual confetti* Putting things short, this year I got to celebrate it at home with myself. Right in front of my beloved Toshiba laptop! Honestly I rarely celebrate New Year's Eve, so I don't find it pathetic to be at home at this kind of time of the year.

However these thoughts kinda swayed a bit right after I found out that my mom was celebrating it with her church friends. Plus the fact that she just replied me a happy new year and good night to end our conversations! Don't even wanna try to remind myself of my bro. He was way more awesome and happening. He went to Bandung for 2 days (Some place in Indonesia in Java island) with his friends and went back to Jakarta at 5 in the morning. (°д°) Seriously it succeeded into making me feeling pathetic for awhile as I found how "so-not-happening" my life is as a 20+ years old homo sapien. LOL!

Anyway, I kinda celebrate it in a nice way too. I think. Basically I posted a post on my FB account trying to find "virtual-mates" to chat as we wait for midnight. LOL LOL LOL!!! Tell you that there's no such thing as being lonely as long as you have the internet. Hoho! I'm grateful for all the friends replied on my FB walls and also those who wishes me through phone messages. (^ε^)감사합니다!

Some of the conversations as screen capture can't capture all at once.

Basically I found several people who were online and in fact celebrates New Year's Eve like I do. Happy to the max as I knew that I'm not alone!

Tagged the people who replied my status update into this picture.

Some of the replies on the picture.

At night, I was having a conversation with Dreamie on WhatsApp about our New Year. There we found out that we both were at home on New Year's Eve. Talked about a few things and at the end of the conversation we decided to meet up the next day to watch movie together.

Garrett Popcorn
(Photo credit: Dreamie)

One thing about this popcorn: First tried and had my love at first nom with this Garrett popcorn during last year's visit to Singapore with Dreamie. Eventually I had my second time with Dreamie today. Bought Caramel Crisp for our movie and it was delicious! It's a delight to actually know that this popcorn has finally reached Malaysia. I thought the one I ate in Singapore would be the last time for me eating. Of course, unless I go back to Singapore. Haha...whoever brings this brand to Malaysia, thank you very much! m(u_u)m

As for the movie choice, I left Dreamie to decide since there's only a few choice available and I am far too indecisive that night. After her research watching some of the movies' trailer, she decided to go for "Jack and Jill". Was surprised that she even go as far as checking the trailers. Haha. Good choice making her to decide on the movie! That somehow makes me awesome too for deciding to let her decide. (^^;) *coughs*


Movie Poster

Yea I know...The movie poster kinda look like the typical comedy-based movie poster. That's how I actually assumed that the movie wouldn't be so awesome. But seriously I enjoyed this movie. I really liked the fact that Adam Sandler is in fact acting as both Jack and Jill. His acting is real good that for a moment I thought Jill was some actress till the part where Jill actually kissed a guy on the cheek. Right at the moment I was like "Whoa...whoa...hold on...are you going to kiss that guy on the lips?". That's what got me back on track and remind myself she's Adam Sandler! LOL! (Oh btw, I'm okay with guy kissing guy if they would love too. I'm that open minded. Hehe)

Jill (left) Jack (right)

Right in the middle of the movie, I saw someone that I thought he looked familiar to the actor I actually like. I was like asking Dreamie if I he's really HIM or not. But it happens that our eyes were okay...It is definitely HIM. He's having a cameo in this movie. The funniest thing I could say about his cameo would be the fact that he wore a t-shirt with Justin Bieber on it. LMAO MUCH!

The Talented Johnny Depp

Do give this movie a try if you are looking for some comedy-based movie. It's worth watching! To make you guys even more convinced, I'll end this post with the movie trailer. Hope you'll like it as much as I do!

Enjoy the trailer and once again, Happy New Year! Let this year be much much more awesome than the previous years!


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