Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nivea Sun Face Moisturising

Bought a new sunblock early this year on 26th of Jan! It's called Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Protection Face Cream SPF 50. (Goodness...Why name so long one???)

Been a while since I last use any sunblock cause honestly I'm someone who's too lazy to layer my face daily. But since I've got extra money been thinking for awhile about aging, I decided to invest on sunblock. With fingers crossed that I'll be able to discipline myself to apply the product routinely of course. Fortunately, so far so good. Except for holidays which most of the time I slack...

Front Packaging

Back Packaging

This is the part where they talk a little bit about the product, usage instructions as well as the ingredients used for this sunblock. Hmm...This product didn't mention if it's sunscreen or sunblock. But I decided to call it sunblock after reading THIS article. I mean, this product contain Titanium Dioxide which was mentioned in the article...So yes...Must be a sunblock. Tell me if I'm wrong since there's no doubt that I got zero knowledge on these things...haha.

For more details on how to use or the ingredients used, please click on the picture above. 

Front Tube

The main things that got me "seduced" to try this product would be the "Collagen Protect" as well as the "Immediate Sun Protection" words. Where do I read that again? About how collagen production start to decrease when we reach 25? Of course diff people got diff timing. Just like not everyone on certain age will definitely get their first wrinkle. More like a median I guess? So yeah...have been paying lots of attention on collagen lately. And yes I still haven't try collagen drinks too!

Compared to the competitors brand placed around this baby, they don't really mention about collagen...So yeah...this one is a plus point. Not to forget that this baby protects immediately upon application and there's no need to wait for 20 minutes. I think this is seriously tempting for someone who would want things to be done fast. Hohoho...

For everything else, I think there's not much different compared to the competitors brand...Effective protection against sunburn and premature skin? Normal. Water resistant? Normal. Quickly absorbed? Normal. SPF? Normal. You can read more on SPF, UVA, UVB and PA HERE!

Hmm...Oh wait...there's another good thing to mention! It has Vitamin E to help protecting the skin against free radicals. Though I don't really know what's that free radical is...but I've always loved Vitamin E...So yeah...You, too, is a plus point!

Back Tube

The cream texture

Spread nicely

The product mentioned that this sunblock is non-sticky, but I noticed that it does feel sticky upon application. Then it gradually disappears as time goes by. Apart from that, this sunblock oso whitens a lil bit. Not too much to the point you'll look like you're using foundation that's a looottt whiter than your actual skin tone. Moisturising part isn't that bad too! It helps a lil bit on reducing the visibility of skin flakes at times when my skin turns kind of dry. On a side note this sunblock have fragrance that is not much to my liking. (Strong floral? Err...I think I need someone pro in smelling to tell me how to describe this fragrance. LOL) Still bearable though. Considering the benefit given. No "pain" no gain huh?!

Bought this at Watson Mall Kelapa Gading 3 at the price of IDR 92.9k. Still affordable I think? Gonna try the other brand once this tube is finished. But definitely gonna put this on the "buy again" list if I can't happen to find anything better.

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