Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Yesterday I was bored and too tired to watch long duration videos like Running Man. And so I checked on the anime list I had but haven't watch. Came across this interesting anime called "Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii" (それでも世界は美しい Still The World is Beautiful).

Hooked right off and I ended up watching the whole 4 episodes! (Which ended at 2 in the morning! HAHAHA! Epi 4 is the latest so far...) This is highly recommended to everyone who loves adventure, shoujo genre, "magic" (ability to call the rain is magic, yes?), romance, shota boys, fantasy and comedy (you'll see why I call this anime a comedy. Lots of cutesy images ok!).

So yesh...this anime started off with the main chara, Nike (Rain Kingdom 4th princess) traveled to Sun Kingdom to marry King Livius (I love the name!). Midway of the first episode they'll show how the Sun Kingdom requested Rain Kingdom to marry off one of the princess for the country to remain autonomous. The typical life of a princess you'll see in many movies...marry off somewhere in order for their country not be taken or something liddat.

When the four daughters heard about the marriage
(2nd princess - 4th princess - 3rd princess - 1st princess)

Basically all four decided to do jan-ken-pon (rock, scissor and paper) to decide who get chosen to marry the Sun Kingdom's king. And of course as expected our main female lead got chosen as she lose on the jan ken pon game!

The winner happy face...hahaha

Cut the scenes here and there (to make sure I didn't spoil too much of the story), our main female lead has this "magical" power to call upon the rain. This power is used twice till epi 4. You can expect to see her singing to summon the rain! No chanting but singing! Hell yeah! We'll see if she can summon other than rain or not...

Come, Tender rain~~

To my surprise, the king she is getting married to is a lil boy! HA! At first I was expecting guy in their teenage years...Say 18? It seems like I was way off since it was way younger than my expectation. Hahaha. But nevermind! He reminds me much of Kuroshitsuji's Ciel Phantomhive! Looking at how at their young age are blessed with the capabilities to ran the family "business". Not to forget that cold exterior they have that's like a tsundere character...LOLOLOL!

Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

Whoa...whoa...whoa...our lil boy here can kissu!! HA!

Definitely this Sun Kingdom's King Livius is the 2nd shota character which able to break my barrier of saying no to shota characters. The first is of course Ciel! Japan seriously have the power to make any characters favourable to the watchers! First they make me able to like ojisan (uncle) characters and now they make me to fall for shota boys!! Nao I feel like a full fledged pedobear!

How I love this kind of scene

Cuteness overload

Again this kind of look

And of course the exaggerated expression is top notch! 

The Butler (?) Neil

When I first heard Neil talking, I was haunted by dejavu. His voice is soooo familiar to which later I confirmed that the seiyuu is Tomokazu Sugita. The seiyuu of my beloved Gintama's Gin-san!!! Interesting...hahaha!

Do give this anime a try...and if you prefer manga more you can read them HERE! Go go go!!!

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