Friday, April 18, 2014

Living at Zombie State

Last night I OT-ied after a while no OT-ing. Wasn't that bad. Especially when the OT is accompanied by peoples. Not the kind of OT where you'll be the only person in the office. Pretty tired in a way coz I got sick the day before. Major headache through the job but somehow managed to finish it. Thank God for that power.

Sickness somehow attacked greatly once I reached my room. Pheww...Headache was twice the pain than when I'm in the office. So I was kinda torn between my sore throat med or headache med. Completely ignoring the fever med coz I think it was nothing compared to headache or sore throat. In the end I took the headache med coz the head is killing me. Took Panadol ActiFast. Honestly it's the only Panadol range that work with me. Guess my body is too "strong" that it's immune to weaker med like the normal Panadol. *sighs*

Thankfully the next day...which is today is a holiday. Good Friday holiday. Planned to go to Pasar Baru to buy fabric or Mangga Dua to hunt sewing materials the week before. But I guess it wasn't going as planned. Woke up this morning feeling worst. Below knee onward is weak. Head part is really really hot. Coughs like no other and nose is blocked. Hated myself to produce sound pollution. Plus can't really do much as my eye socket is hurt too.

At times like this, sure is nice to have mom here. I can spoil myself despite my age...trolololol. Been living alone many years tending myself during it wasn't anything unusual. But still it would be nice to have someone to spoil you...right?

Anyway...kinda tempted to skip work tomorrow. Hope Boss no read this...haha But I guess that wouldn't be good huh? Currently worried on the logo design I've not start doing. Had my hands full on other works and did not have the time to think of the logo. Feel bad coz the client is nice. *sighs*

Hope that I'll recovered A.S.A.P!

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