Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zombie State + Misery

Sickness got worst on Saturday. Spent my weekend lazy-ing on the bed trying to sleep. Most of the time succeeded but it gets harder as the night comes in. When I got sick, I slept almost too early to be true. While I usually sleep around 12 or 1 in the morning, this time I slept earliest at 8 pm! That sick!

Oh? Have I mentioned that I did my laundry on Sunday morning and at 2 pm it rained heavily to which I didn't manage to get my dry clothes by the end of the day? Yes...I didn't...I ended up taking them the next day.

After much much debate with my brain and heart, I decided to take my leave on Monday coz everything still frail. Even my knee down below still wasn't strong to do 15-min walk to my office. To which later I am tempted by brother's advice on visiting doctor.

Sure enough the thought of getting healthy fast looked pretty good. Therefore I muster all the strength I have left with me to walk under the super bright and hot sun to a clinic just across my home. As it was my 1st time, I had to fill in my details and such. Lucky that there wasn't much people so the nurse direct me to the doctor's room immediately.

A lady above her 50's. "Ah...a woman". That's my first word I uttered to myself...LOL! Lie down on the bed, got stethoscope on my chest, got my blood pressured checked and voila...DONE!

So much free time for my mind to wander that I thought of a lame joke. Who can touch you here and there but u must be glad that they did and still they charge you for it? Doctor! Hahaha...(I think people at Spa who do massage oso fit this description. Wooh!)

Anyway I'm out of the doctor room and proceed to the pharmacist. There I give the folder containing the doctor's writing to the pharmacist. The shock comes shortly after that...

She gave me this cough medicine made by them (that's why no packaging) and antibiotic by the name of Sedrofen 500 Cefadroxil 500 mg and it costed me a huge amount of 380 bucks (300 for the med and 80 for the doctor consultation fee). I did not know if this was the normal rate in Indonesia as this is my first time going to a clinic here. (I did go to clinic and hospitals way back when I was way younger...but those were paid by my parents so I won't know the price) I think that the consultation fee sounds reasonable but the medicine was like expensive for me. Especially when price was almost 1/4 of my early salary. TROLOLOLOL~ So truly my face was something like this picture down below!

But of course I did't show them this face. Instead I asked calmly whether they accept debit card onot coz I didn't expect for all this to be above 200. Definitely not enough money as I only bought 200 bucks with me!

Put things short I paid for them and went back on my 2 feet to my home sweet home. That's where the 2nd agony starts kicking in though...

Nothing bad happened during my first intake of the medicine. But the second time in the evening I have that awful feeling of nausea. It's like wanting to vomit but nothing is coming out. So I waited beside the toilet bowl looking emptily at the bowl. Went back and forth to my room and the toilet coz I don't really know when it's going to burst out. The feeling is real unpleasant. Despite the fact that the amount of coughs have decreased greatly.

Shortness of breathe, nausea, extra nausea whenever I stand up from my sitiing position or when I move any from my body parts and can't focus very well on what I'm doing. Am working on my logo design for a client coz the client need it fast...that's why...(To my surprise came super early in the morning the next day and God is good that He let him approve my logo design! Thank you Lord~)

After moving back and forth to the toilet, I managed to do the deed by throwing up my dinner onto the toilet bowl. The process was tiring but the after feeling was great. It's like I've been lifted out from a curse. I felt so free! No more nausea feel and all genki~ But still I slept super early too that day.

The next day I returned to work and as I mentioned above I managed to settle the logo design. Everything was good. Till I took my med after lunch. Slight weak feel whenever I got up from my seating position. It feels like as if I will fall if someone were to push me slightly. A bit nausea but still bearable. No sign of short of breathe yet. 

Awful part begin after my med intake after dinner. Straight nausea in few minutes after consuming the medicines! There's how I began my back and forth journey to the toilet bowl over and over again...So much visit I can call it "Toilet Bowl Love Story".

Apparently that's how I suspected that my medicine have something to do with the nausea and vomitting. Since my cough med was brand-less (made by the pharmacist herself), I can't check them on Google. So instead I researched on my antibiotic and sure enough to find out that it has the side effect of nausea and vomitting in them. Knowing these made me shock coz I have to finish the antibiotic that's left like 5 more days of intake. That would be like 5 days full of feeling nausea and vomitting! To which I thought would be a disaster coz 2 days itself already so burdensome. It's making me so weak, lazy to talk to people (which isn't good coz my work require me to communicate to people too!) and waste my time coz I'd want to rest alot instead of doing this I usually do.

So Wednesday morning I returned to the clinic feeling hopeful to change my antibiotic to something less strong. Went back there and the first question they throw me already making me speechless.

Her: "Is this all you got?"
Me: "No."
Her: "Where's the other?"
Me: *speechless* "I've swallowed them??"
Her: *silents*

Aboden? Haven't try already dare to go to your place and complained that it gives me nausea and made me to vomit ar?? DUH! To this point I never blame them coz as far as I know you wouldn't know whether you're allergic to certain antibiotic or not untill you've tried them yourself. To which later if there's any allergic you were to keep in mind of the name of things you're allergic to. That's why when I casually talked bout allergy I didn't fight their words much. Listened to her blabbering about it thoroughly. Apparently if you found out that you're allergic to certain *insert scientific name here* you have to memorize them or write them on your hp and remind your doctor not to give you that the next time you visit your doctor. Agree with them though I slightly think that nobody would remember those scientific name unless the content is life threatening...I mean...those scientific's not super easy to remember one ok! LOL...but again it's something worth learning if that something you're allergic with is yes...remember it please...

My speechless moment x1000000 comes after this! Right when they came out with a diff antibiotic for me and I asked whether they can state me the side effect of the new med they're going to give me or not. Plus what's the diff between the old one and the new one. And guess what's their reply???

Her: "I'm sorry. It's a secret."

ARE YOU SERIOUSLY F*CKIN KIDDING ME????!! Did I just transport myself to a secret agent chamber or something? Or is my med have that "the-side-effects-who-must-not-be-told"? It's a SECRET worr!!! So secret then why do almost all med I took before in my life all have listed their side effects?? Are they secret breaker???

Seriously I kinda need a direction other than the repetitive information they keep uttering on how I must eat all the antibiotic till it's finished and how I must took them 3 times a day. My line of work requires me to be at the frontline, facing clients and use my brain and energy to make a design, etc. So it would be great to know whether my medicines have sleeping effect, nausea effect, blurred vision or whatever that would affect my work. By knowing then I can avoid taking them during working hours! When it comes to work then I would like to give my all to it. So it wouldn't be good to be taking med that will affect my performance and later on complained and put the blame on the med. Coz if I am not doing my best then it's best for me to stay home instead of doing my work half assed-ly!

Why is it a harm to tell side effects or the diff between med A and med B? Even the pharmacist I met at drugstore was much more of a help than the pharmacy I met in this clinic! The one in drugstore would tell me that med A can make you feel drowsy while med B won't. Which one do you prefer? So much politeness and just the right amount of info that I'd like to know. Does telling me this short fact harm your code of pharmacist? *sighs*

Me: "Mam, I'm not asking for the med's ingredients. I don't see why it would be a disadvantage for you?? I'm just asking for the side effects and the diff between the two med in general. Coz if you're going to tell me long story bout the scientific name and such also I wouldn't be able to understand, you see?"

Her: "I'm sorry, we all have undergoes certain oath of not telling out".

WAH!!! Now the oath word come out...what more can I say right? Win liao lor? Should I press further? No la. Better yet I go Google. You're not the only one who have the knowledge on the medicine. Why would I waste my precious salive during sick time for someone like you. =_="

Then she goes back repeating the yada yada not important stuff I would care less to waste my time staying any longer. So I raised my hand and said "That's I'll just have to finish my antibiotics. Took them 3 times a day after a meal, right? Then whatever side effects that were to come, I'll see it when it comes right? Ok. Thank you!" Walked to the door and there she goes repeating the same unnecessary empty sentences that I ended with the strict tone of "SIP" and left!

Seriously she left me there such thing as oath for those kind of information? Whatever it is I'm not continuing my med. I just don't eat med without knowing the details on what I'm swallowing. Plus I don't trust my pharmacist, how am I supposed to swallow all of them thinking that I'll get better? NAH!

Definitely not coming back. I'd find places who can answer me other than telling me to finish all my med and take them 3 times a day. =="

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