Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wish Today Gonna End A Lil Faster!

I don't know why but a few months after purchasing my laptop, the screen start acting up! There's that random line that appear and POOF! GONE! and reappears anytime it like. Does this ever happen to you guys? After putting the warranty time into consideration, I decided to send my Toshiba to get repaired. Planned to turned him earlier than the month of January...But I was kinda reluctant as I'm still pretty much addicted on drawing. Postponed till the end of the year and I managed to convince myself that it's time. Therefore I send him away around 10-ish of January and I just got it back on Tuesday.

Around one month plus??? I can't believe how I survived this long without him. Ok la...I cheated as I used back my old Toshiba laptop. But it was only then that I remembered just how old my old Toshiba lappie is. Everything is so laggy. Yet praise the Lord that at least I still got a substitute lappie while waiting for my new lappie to be fully recovered.

Sad line on my screen!

Line reappeared while I was watching SnK

As it come and go as it pleased, I can't be sure yet whether it has completely repaired or not. Hopefully it's all good. So far it's not showing unwanted symptoms though!

Gonna blog again when I have things to write. Shall sleep soon as I have work tomorrow and nao the clock is showing 1:50 in the morning. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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