Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elie No.2

Dunno what's wrong with me...been having that art block for a few months. Was it two months? LOL! Out of a sudden everything I draw seems to be mad UGLY and not working.  Tried to overcome it by forcing myself to keep on drawing and still the result wasn't close to satisfactory. Maybe coz I'm emo so everything also become blurred...I think...

The doodles I drew during my art block
(Yep...that SnK's Mikasa beside the Starbucks

So after totally freed myself from drawing (I still draw random half-assed doodles along the way though...those so half-assed that it isn't worth mentioning), I decided it's time to try drawing again...Since it's new year, am having a week worth of holidays, with no plan on New Year Eve and all...LOLOLOLOL!

I did manage to come out with! It's Elie again! If you've been a friend of mine in FB then you should know who is Elie.. Hahaha...I'm going to post the old drawing of her later on for those who are not in my FB friend list.

Elie No.2
(Again this wasn't the real's darker after uploading them! WHY??)

Yes! That's Elie No.2. Being my fav number, drawn on 2nd of January, the 2nd Elie I've drawn, here she is with her new "rainbow" hair I've always wanted to try coloring. As you can see it's supposed to be in rough sketch stage still...but due to my impatience, I straight went into coloring stage in which you can see that I colored her hair! Pretty satisfied with it! As I expected from No.2. You're my lucky number! Will try to finish it ASAP and upload it to DA before my holiday come to an end.

And so please welcome my ugly doodle of Elie No.1 which I did 30 May 2012. Unlike other's work I've seen, I guess I have the ugliest rough sketch ever. What I mean is...even when some artist mentioned that their rough sketch is ugly, it always turned out that their "ugly" rough sketch is those of a "perfect" rough sketch. It's like when you give a few of people to draw stick man, there would be one who came out with the perfect stick man. Erm...or something like drawing ugly creatures and they're able to come out with an awesome ugly creatures instead of something really ugly as in bad proportions and such...Maybe soemthing wrong yet wrong in an awesome way??? Hmm...Enough of blabbering coz I think I wasn't that good at explaining stuffs without showing any visuals. Am too lazy to look for visuals so yeah...let's drop that topic for nao...HOHOHOHO!


Ugly sketch I drew on my "old resume" paper...LOL


This step is when the brain can vision what it'll be like and what colours should be use, etc


Applied the colours like what the brain has'm a magician!



Ignore the crappy background coz in fact I should have focused on proportions, coloring and bla bla bla before I get to focus on improving backgrounds. //slapped

So basically that's the steps used to produce Elie. No 1. As for Elie No.2, it's all done digitally since I'm too lazy to draw on papers with the condition that I have right nao. Did I mention that my table is just around 60+ cm in width and 35+ cm in height. So you can roughly imagine how much space I have left with a 14" lappie placed on top of it. Plus my wifi and external hardisk...Still having a huge table as my dream but I guess it's impossible due to the restrictive space I have living in a small apartment...Bless me!

Oh...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! //winks

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