Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day Four - PART ONE)

For weekend, we planned to visit Amphawa Floating. However the transport to go to Amphawa Floating Market was quite expensive (Car rental service). Plus the hotel staff told us that the journey to go there would take around 1.5 - 2 hours to reach. So we'll be wasting around 3-4 hours on the road itself...After a short silence (deep in thoughts laaa...hahaha), we decided to skip Amphawa!

Chatuchak Weekend Market off we go!!~

As to safe money and to experience tourist life, we walked all the way to the nearest BTS station. Pretty fun but be sure to wear comfy shoes or slippers ok!

Upon reaching Chatuchak, we went to have our "lunch". It's located right outside of Chatuchak...Lots of food place there for you to choose from. One thing that I noticed from my BKK trip is that it feels like everywhere also serve niceeee chicken rice!! Though there's one shop that I particularly like! I'd post them if I've not forgotten about them...LOLOLOL!!!

The picture above was the only picture I took for the inner part of Chatuchak. HAHAHAHA!! The weather was SCORCHING HOT that my face got sunburn. Omega red ok plus oily face...want hide also cannot...TROLOLOLOL! Blame self for not using any sunblock. So yes...please wear/use whatever is needed to survive the hot hot weather! Or else you'd be red faced freak who sweat too much till you're too lazy to take pictures or shop. :')

Bought 2 shirt for bro, 2 shirt for me, an eco bag plus a ring. Price was ok. Not super cheap but cheaper. I think it would be heaven for those who earn dollar, etc. Not to forget the materials were good if you are good at choosing them. Personally I prefer this place to shop for clothes than Platinum Mall. They have varieties of styles to cater your needs! You can even spot unique items~

Just remember to have water to keep yourself hydrated and enjoy checking the stores one by one!

Oh! One more thing! You have to try their coconut ice cream which I think is some kind of a must-try in Chatuchak. Apparently we keep seeing this coconut ice cream while we were researching about BKK on people's blog. So we were so eager to give it a try ourselves. Hahaha...

The funny thing is that we don't really know its exact location. So instead we just observe other people who were carrying these coconut bowl...HAHAHA. The unique thing about this stall is that they have this little flag with beach and coconut image on it. Plus their fb and insta name printed on it. It's called Coconuticecreamjj.

The queue was quite long compared to the other store. Here you can choose up to 3 toppings! Nothing much to comment on the taste as I think it's pretty normal. It was good but not to the point until you're craving to have it daily. But indeed I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they gave out the coconut water!! Each people who ordered were given fresh coconut water! So tasty!!! :D

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