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When I first saw Tomoya Nagase name on the main lead section, I wanted to watch it right away!! Been his fans ever since I watched "My Boss My Hero" (Highly recommended if you enjoy watching comedy drama). Not to forget there's Emi Takei as the female lead. I think most of you already know her if you've watched Samurai X Live Action. She's the main female lead there.


Tomoya Nagase as Keiichiro Kishi

Emi Takei as Chihiro Miyazaki

I just realized that this drama is adapted from a manga too! Found out about it from ASIANWIKI. So perhaps if you wanted to know more about this drama you can try reading its manga~

Fragile - Byourii Kishi Keiichirou no Shoken
Fragile - The View of Keiichirou Kishi, a Pathologist

This drama right here is about a man called Keiichiro Kishi (Tomoya Nagase) who is an excellent Pathologist and a Neurologist Chihiro Miyazaki (Emi Takei) who later on decided to transfer to Pathology Department. The storyline resolves around these two solving different cases and making diagnosis. 

Personally I feel that Tomoya Nagase looked really cool in this drama! Just imagine of having so much probabilities and yet, he alone managed to make accurate diagnosis even without meeting the patients. Merely by examining tissues on a microscope you see! I think that it is awesome! Thinking of the great amount of pressure he must have felt as it has to do with life and death...I just can't imagine being in his shoe...HAHA...That person must be someone who possessed a great amount of wisdom, great observation skills as well as enormous amount self confident!

Yes...Yes...Yes...A Pathologist is a physician who observes all these tissues, check on the accuracy of lab tests and interprets the results in order to facilitate the patient's diagnosis and treatment.

On a contrary, while a Pathologist are able to tell sickness from looking at the cells above, I can only spot a few "face" on the last picture...LOLOLOL!! //slapped

There's Koyuki too in this drama! If you're a fans of her you should watch this~ Long time didn't see her in any drama that I've watched. She still look stunning as usual.

Overall I like the filming style and the colours used. It adds to the overall mood of a medical drama. Hehehe...Interesting casts too! Definitely worth to watch. A plus if you enjoy medical drama! Though you must be patience as this drama is pretty new. So only an episode will be released per week.

As I cannot find the trailer on Youtube, so I'm just gonna share any video related to this drama...*coughs*

Update (26 JAN 2016):
Unfortunately the video that I shared here also gone within a few days of posting it here...So yeah...please search for them on Youtube, I gave up...HAHAHA...Somehow videos with Johnny's Entertainment boys are hard to find...keep missing on Youtube one! D:

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