Sunday, August 27, 2017


Yay!! No more solo trip as suddenly le friend (from foundation era) came up to me and she decided to join me for Japan Trip. Wohoo...Ok la it happened like a day after I booked le airbnb. So it was months ago.

I have mixed feeling at first since I kinda want to experience solo trip. On the other hand I thanked God for giving me a companion. Coz that means that nao I don't need to feel so alone. Plus I can go to places that requires more than one person to be present. Such as BBQ restaurants, Purikura, etc. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~ //slapped

So yea...speaking of Airbnb, it was my first time trying it. Everything went well...till today in which I got an e-mail from Airbnb saying that my host has cancelled my booking. Apparently something happened with their previous nao the owner doesn't want to rent it on Airbnb anymore. //sighs

Dear previous tenant...what did you do?? You made us lose the chance to stay at that nice place. Hmmph! Plus it's like two months more before our departure...So all the nice one within budget were taken. Leaving us with less choice to choose from. In the end all is well as we got ourselves a new place la. Thank God. Nao can only pray that everything went smoothly //fingers crossed

All of a sudden it feels like booking a hotel is much more convenient compared to Airbnb. be fully prepared if you're trying it. But so far other friends and family members never experience being cancelled before. So mebbe it's just me being unlucky this time. Airbnb provides better range of prices and places though. Worth trying. :)

See you in 2++ months dear Japan ^^


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