Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bye Bye K-Beauty Items

For the first time ever, TesterKorea shipping felt like ages. I made the order on 16 June, they shipped the items by 29 June and then it was stuck in Singapore since 5th of July (According to the tracking system). Never have I thought that it'd be so serious. So I waited and waited till 4 Aug came and TesterKorea emailed me saying that they're unable to ship the items to me...*Sighs*

To be honest I kinda hear about this through Facebook and friends...Around a week before I got this mail: On how le beloved country started to tighten items from other country to enter our country. Some online shops in FB shared that they face shipping problems too...But since my items were in SG for quite some time, I thought they would make it...But no...*sighs*

Just as I started to feel grateful to have found a place where I can get my necessities with decent price, it has to come to this bitter end. Not that it's a problem without a solution...But items I wanted to try were usually not easily accessible here in Jakarta.

Of course there are brands that have entered the market here...but I dunno why are they so extra expensive here. Like for when the item is priced 125k but it was sold as 259k here. If I earned dollar or that I'm rich then this might not be a problem. I'd just have to pay and get what I want. But for people like me, who always try our best to spend wisely, this is definitely not the best option. Unless I become desperate la. *another sighs*

I have tried finding local online shops. But sometime it's too hard coz some of them sells replica or fakes...Face already so-so still want to apply what non-trustable products wor?? Udah jelek mau tambah hancur?? While for some online shops that I do think that they sell genuine product, mostly they're PO based...Usually it will take around 1 month or more for it to arrive. Seeing from the recent custom problem, I don't think that it'd be easy for them this time around.

Looks like I'll have to find a new source to satisfy my needs...Hopefully I'll find it soon. Luckily I've started going to dermatologist. So all that I really need right now is a place where I can get supplies of sunscreen/sunblock. Wish me luck...

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