Friday, August 18, 2017

Dr. Kun Jayanata -Update 2-

(17 AUG 2017)

Whee...First of all, Happy Independence Day to all Indonesians out there! Here I am to update on my skin condition. As of today, I still can't tell any prominent changes apart from the fact that I get less acne and face feels like less oily. should I explain...

It's like usually my face got extra oily by evening but this time it's not so oily. Surprisingly hair became less oily too...Which is a good thing since it won't become flat at the speed of light. Ok la...I cheat abit...I've read somewhere before in Google that some people do experience less oily hair too. Hahaha. Apart from that, my lip still cracks...but still on bearable side coz it doesn't bleed or anything like that. Today a little bit ugly though. Can you see those ugly flakes around le mouth? Yeah...those are unsightly but it doesn't really bother me.

17 Aug 2017

On redness itself...I think it got better? Yay? Nay? Still sad over my pitted scars everytime I shoot this kind of close up photos...but oh least nao there's less acne...Almost none and no acne means that there would be less probabilities of future pitted scars kan? Which is a good thing...Hopefully on the next meet up with Dr. Kun, he can recommend something...Hopefully. *fingerscrossed

Fyi, the picture below was taken in the morning (Right beside window for natural lighting konon). So that's why I look fairer than usual. I'm not this fair ok! Plus it's taken using le bro's Sony Xperia instead of using le Samsung smartphone at night time indoor lighting. Maybe that's why it looked fairer la.

Also there's no itchiness or anything like that. Everything is good so far...Too put it shortly:

Face less oily...Less acne...Less redness...Pores got bigger sometimes?

All I can hope next is to have better texture...LOL! *greedy mode: ON

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