Sunday, February 5, 2017

February I'm in Love with Majima~

Not the time to be emo and such but yes...currently drowned in the seas of emotions caused by Yakuza 0! WELL DONE and BRAVO to the whole Yakuza team who made the game! It was a great game!! Nope...I'd take that word "great" back...It was way beyond great...It was AWESOME!! I enjoyed the game SO MUCH that I'd wish for Yakuza 5 to be available in PS4 platform. Please...please...please...make it happen~~~ (Other Yakuza series tooooo~~~I'd definitely buy them!)

So much things to love from the game. The storyline, characters, gameplay, emotional scene, brotherhood, bittersweet love and MAJIMAAAAAA!!! Hahahaha...I'll get back to him later on...

Yakuza 0 definitely the game of the month!!! For me it's a YES!

Apart from some scene that I find quite "cincai". Like the scene where they only have close-up of the characters, dialogue box, text and voice over during some conversations . Why no movements??? Why no "movie scenes"? I'd rather have in-game dialogue box than those "close-up" chat. Dunno whether they're trying new style or they're just running out of time. Anyway it doesn't change the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. Hehehe...

Yes...the two pictures above shown the type of "conversation style" that I don't find them interesting. Just a frame moving from one character to another...with slight movements that doesn't convey any emotions nicely. I think you'll get the idea once you start playing...

Aside from that, this particular Yakuza 0 have turned me into Majima's fangirl. Seriously he's so AWESOME in this series! Fyi, I played only Yakuza 0, Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls. I started liking his character in Yakuza 4 as I find his character to be rather "unique". I always have a soft spot for everything "unique"~ Though to be honest picky, I don't really fancy his snake skin suit in Yakuza 4...Despite the whole snake skin suit makes his character more believeable...*coughs*

It was like a breathe of fresh air to see him in Yakuza 0 looking like a butler...trolololol...So that's how he lived before...prior turning into the Majima we sees in Yakuza 4. I find the back story rather interesting~ Heartbreaking too of course...(Ahhh Majimaaaa...Just thinking of the final scene got me emotional again...why oh why oh dear writer? Why the bittersweet part?? *sobs*)

So much to talk about but that final scene and the scene after the ending credit specially took over my brain and attentions. It was like a giant nuclear bomb headed right on me. Got really really emo and ended up crying. Ok...tears streaming down sounds better than crying...Guess I'd go with that instead. Not gonna spoil anything...Just that Majima is a GREATTT MAN!! Arghhhhh~~~

This is as much as I can go on fangirling on this game...If I have extra time I'll write more about Yakuza 0. Most probably after my Japanese Language exam this coming Tuesday...LOLOLOL...I should detach Majima from my brain for now (If I can...ugh!)...Gotta go and absorb more knowledge~ *coughs*

My last word?


*runs* Hahahahhaha...

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