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Yukihira's Style Okakiage ゆきひら流 お柿揚げ

For today, I'm gonna post something related to Shokugeki no Soma's (食戟のソーマ). It's one of my favourite cooking genre anime! Please watch if you like cooking genre anime too. From there...We all can drool over the food together. Hahahaha...

Fear not of them delicious looking food though...coz this time we can actually remake the food we see in this manga/anime instead of just fantasizing it's taste! Cool isn't it?

For my first time in trying to remake the recipe, I decided to go with Yukihira's Style Okakiage (ゆきひら流 お柿揚げ). Something like fried coated meat. Similar to Kaarage but using "Kaki No Tane" as coat instead of flour. This "Kaki no Tane" idea was the main reason that I got desperate to try to make them! Something new I thought...or is it normal in Japan?

Kaki no Tane

Supposedly it's called Yukihira's Style Iwana O Kaki Age (ゆきひら流 岩魚お柿揚げ). But since I don't even know or ever heard of "Iwana" (a type of fish) before, so I went for Chicken and Salmon instead. To which later I came with a conclusion that only the chicken tasted good...Experience +1.

Yukihira's Style Okakiage Recipe

(ゆきひら流 お柿揚げ レシピ)

(Recipe from the manga)

Recipe from Shokugeki no Soma's (食戟のソーマ) manga

(Ochikeron's Way)

(My Add-On Here and There)

After reading the original recipe from the manga, I feel that the taste is too light to my liking (Yes...I like strong taste...haha). Thus I decided to modify the recipe a bit...closer to how a Chicken Kaarage is made.

I simply add marinating step!

For everything else I followed Ochikeron's way + a step done in the original manga which is to dip the meat into the egg white before coating them with Kaki no Tane. comes MY SLIGHTLY-OFF-THE-GUIDE WAY...


- Chicken Thigh
- Salmon (This one I didn't marinate...only sprinkle some salt)
- Ginger
- Soy Sauce
- Salt
- White Pepper (I love peppers so much I try to add them into every dish)
- Eggs
- Kaki no Tane
- Lemon Juice
- Salad Oil

1. Debone Chicken Thigh...cut into "nice" size. (p/s: You can opt to keep the skin or not. For me I love chicken's yeah...KEEP THEM ON!)

2. Put chicken into a bowl. Along with grated ginger, salt, soy sauce and pepper. Mix them well and keep them marinated for about...Say...1 hour at minimum?

3. Cut your Salmon into decent size too.

4. Grab your packet of Kaki no Tane (remove nuts if yours comes with nuts), put them inside a ziploc bag and crush it.

If you don't have a ziploc, you can just use its original packaging. No problem! As long as you can get them crushed then that's what matters.

You can opt to use Food Processor too. However I like them Kaki no Tane in different size instead of "fine" so I just crush them with le rolling pin.

(Good opportunity if you're pissed off with something/ can hit them Kaki no Tane with extra LOVE! joking. Please don't do this.)

Kaki no Tane which I got from my bro

Sadly enough, I can't seem to find any Kaki no Tane here in my area at that time. Luckily my bro went to Malaysia for a short trip. So that's how I got them.

Good news though (for Indonesians), it's now available online! You can get them via Tokopedia!

5. Next, separate egg white and egg yolk. You'll need the yolk later to make the sauce. As for now, lightly beat the egg white. I dunno what's the purpose of it. It just feels right this way. Remember...moderation my friend! Don't beat too much till it becomes a foam~

6. Once you're done beating the egg white, dip them meat onto the egg white one by one...Pictures shown below...


7. After dipping the meat into egg whites, coat them with Kaki no Tane...I think the picture below gives better explanation...You can find it pretty hard to coat the meat with Kaki no Tane as some parts just won't stick nicely...just do your best! Perhaps it'll stick better if you use Kaki no Tane out of Food Processor. Since it'd be in finer form like flour.


9. Done with coating, we move forward to the last step. Frying we go!


10. Fry till golden brown and take them out. I tried double frying for crispier results...but in the end it was the one I fried only once that tasted better...LOLOLOL! I don't know where did it go wrong. Now you're done with the meat! Congratulations.

11. For sauce, beat egg yolks and lemon juice together. Continue on beating them while adding salad oil little by little till it begins to emulsify. And got yourself "Tamago no Moto".

Honestly this sauce is something new to me and I'm so interested in tasting how it would tasted like...but I think I failed in making them as it turns out too watery...OTL

Hope you guys manage to make them better than I did~

Tamago no Moto


I'm really satisfied with the outcome. Minus the sauce...hahaha. Give you one thumbs up if you can spot the "fail sauce" on the picture above.

It's too watery beyond imagination I guess.

Taste wise, I really enjoy the Kaki no Tane coating! It's so crunchy and salty. Really something worth experimenting on! Am glad it turns out ok...Hope to try cooking more interesting food. Those apart from my usual cooking...hehe.

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