Monday, December 26, 2016

Wonderland Hong Kong Barbeque & Noodle (Kelapa Gading)

First of all, thanks to Boss for making Monday a holiday to replace Christmas holiday which falls on Sunday. rarely happens so I'm really grateful~ This way I get to have brother sister's bonding time lunch with le's something that doesn't happen really often lately due to clashed schedules...LOL!

So yeah...few days ago le bro mentioned that he spotted new "Wonderland" shop nearby. Much closer compared to the main one (Which is also located nearby). Since it was one of our favourite shop for Roasted Pork Belly, we decided to give the new shop a try!~

Hongkong Barbeque & Noodle
Jl. Raya Gading Permai Blok K1 No. 3
Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara

Phone : 0896 4496 7909 / 0878 8382 2801

Opening hours : 09.00 - 19.00

Wonderland 2

Wonderland 2 Interior

One thing that differs this place from the other place is shown on the picture above. Can you guess what it is? Hint: Find the Roasted Pork! LOLOLOLOL~

As you can see on the lower left of the picture above, they re-fry their roasted pork before serving them to customers. At first, I do have my portion of doubt upon hearing the words "re-fry". From my countless experience of "re-fry", it always leave the food to taste like "yesterday's food" (Different and not nice).

However, it wasn't the case for the "re-fry" done at this shop. I don't know why and how but for sure it makes the Roasted Pork Belly becomes WARM and CRISPYYYY!!!

Wonderland 2 Interior

wonderland_2_menu_and_ pricelist
Wonderland 2 Menu & Price List

Since I've just woke up and not up for big portion, I opted for their "Nasi Campur Biasa" which costs IDR 40k (p/s: Even the "Biasa" also generous in amount la...guarantee full one!). Reasonable price I'd say. Since all 3 items (Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork Belly & Char Siu) also tasted good. Where else you can find all items within a plate also tasted good? Rare! *coughs*

OH! With their Roasted Pork Belly reigns supreme against the other two dishes of course...*winks*

According to their waiter, the only difference between "Nasi Campur Biasa" and "Nasi Campur Special" is the existence of Roasted Duck in "Nasi Campur Special". No comment for their Roasted Duck since it's been awhile since I last tasted theirs. I've forgotten it's taste...*slapped*

Nasi Campur Biasa IDR 40k

Too bad their "Nasi Hainam" wasn't ready/not available when we came. So have to make do with the plain rice. Definitely go for their "Nasi Hainam" to experience the true joy of eating "Nasi Campur"!

Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork Belly, Char Siu

Erm...although the Roasted Chicken doesn't look that pretty on the picture, I personally think it's pretty good in terms of taste. Wasn't the best but wasn't the worst either. Plus point for it being well marinated that it does have taste even down to the last bits. Salty in a good way. tasted fresh and have the right kind of firmness...In case you like firm one compared to smooth slightly uncooked one which you often seen in a Steamed Chicken Dish.

Char siu is ok ok. Pretty much the same mark as I'd give to their Roasted Chicken. Ok kind of firmness and they're all lean meat. No fatty parts! If you enjoy lean meat then you'll love this. But as I'm a fan of juicy caramelized charsiu over full lean meat, So it's only an OK from me.

What about their Salted Veggie Soup? be honest it's plain. If you love Salted Veggie Soup so much I'd recommend getting them at BUANA 94 (Cafe Tenda Apartment Wisma Gading Permai) instead. They serve delicious Salted Veggie with Pork Ribs!! (p/s: sometimes the pork tasted like yesterday's pork's luck based. But soup wise it seems like their taste proven consistent throughout the many times I've tasted them)

Last but not least, the main reason that keeps us bro and sis keep coming for more...their DELICIOUS ROASTED PORK BELLY! I'd give away my boiled egg and the other two on my plate but never for the Roasted Pork Belly! LOLOLOLOL...NEVER!! It's WARM...It's CRISPY...It's TASTY!!! Definitely give this one a priority to try if you ever come to this place! It's one of my favourite~~

Promo Natal, Tahun Baru & Imlek

I'll end this post with a poster image of some promo they're having...In case you're interested you can try contacting them for the food shown above...Was it called "Nasi Tumpeng"??? It's my first time seeing pork themed "Nasi Tumpeng". Was it a new thing or did it existed even way back then?

Anway, hope in some way I've contributed "new" place to try out...lolololol...Considered as new if you've never been to their main branch la...*coughs*

Have an awesome day!

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