Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day Two - PART ONE)

Beloved Meiji Milk

Can't help but to post this milk...Like I said in previous blog post, I love this milk. Indeed this is the one I bought the day before. Drank it in the morning before we went for breakfast. Milk lovers, please do give this Meiji Milk a try ok!

SabX2 Wanton Noodles
(4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19 | Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand)

It is recommended to come here as early as you can. Or else you'll have to face the consequences of long queue! Definitely a no no when you have empty hungry stomach...hahaha. In fact we're pretty lucky on that day as there's only 8-10 people in front of our queue. 

I noticed that there's quite a number of chinese words around here and there in BKK. I assume lots of Chinese tourist often come to BKK. It's a plus for you all who can read Chinese! I have Elie and Jas who happened to be fluent in Chinese la...so I'm pretty lucky...hahaha!

PORK!!! Pretty decent pork! I've tasted something better elsewhere so I'm not gonna talk much about this dish. The texture itself is soft. Don't have to chew so much plus there's a GENEROUS amounts of the fatty part! If you enjoy eating them fats then you will appreciate it. 

Heard from Elie and Jas that many tourist came here for its Wantan Noodles! For me it was err...OK lor! Pretty normal. In fact, I find this dish quite cute! Coz everything is so tiny and above all it was placed on a big bowl! Everything about it making me feel like a full fledged woman. Femininity +1!

Our Elie bought this fried dessert on our way to Platinum Mall. Can't find the name of this. I'm guessing that this is Koa Neiw Ping Choup Kai (Sticky Rice Egg Cakes). It's the closest one I can think of. HAHAHA! Basically it's sticky rice dipped in eggs and grilled. Taste? Crispy and salty!

Again Elie the great tried the street's Thai Milk Tea. Thanks to her that I get to see how it was done. Experimented what I saw back in Jakarta and it tasted pretty close to the one in BKK. Whee!! Knowledge +1! One of the treasure that I got back from visiting BKK. Tee hee!

Platinum Fashion Mall
(222 Petchburi Road, Bangkok, Thailand)

If you've been reading blogs here and there about BKK, I'm sure this one is no stranger! If KL have Sungai Wang, Jakarta have Mangga Dua Mall, then BKK have Platinum Mall! This three is pretty similar as in the mall are filled with many small shops inside selling various things. Everything as in everything...YES! Decorations, accessories, fashion related items and such.

Heard that you can get discount if you buy more than one (alot would be the better word) and pro at haggling. Unfortunately this wasn't the case with us three girls as we are haggling noob. Plus with our face brimming with "eternal youth", we have no chance winning against them pro seller...HAHAHA!

The two pairs of earrings above were the first two items that I bought there on that day. I was thrilled to find the earring on top as it was the first time for me to see that type of earring. I feel that it was unique and I fell in love with it right away. On the other hand, I find the ring below to be classic and alluring. So I bought the two of them at a decent price ranging from THB 150 - 280. Can't remember the exact amount. But it's around that range depending on your choice of earrings. Below is the example of it when being worn. Love it!!

Specially took this pic coz I love how playful the person who did this! This ridiculous thing did managed to take our attention as we passed by the shop.

Last but not least, here comes Elie! The writer of Never Ever Sober. Do say hi to her on her blog! Till we meet again in next post! Ciao! 


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