Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day Two - PART TWO)

Caturday Cat Cafe
(4.5 Cocowalk Avenue Bangkok, Thailand 10400)


Finally we arrived to my fav section! So excited even as I'm writing this out...hahaha. FYI I've never been to any cat cafe in my whole life. So this is my first experience! Can say that it's the main attraction that got me excited about the whole idea of visiting BKK. So much that I even drew something about it HERE prior to the trip.

So sorry that I can't get English version of the map. Perhaps you can get the people from the hotel lobby to translate them for you. Or just show them to the taxi driver. Not that hard to get there if you're staying anywhere near Platinum Mall.

Below is the map that I screenshot from Google Map (See the blue dots). Basically you just have to go straight from Platinum Mall till you find those BTS rail on top of you. That's where you turn left. Hope it helps!

At first it might seems like you're lost...Since by the time we got there was in the afternoon and the surrounding shops wasn't opened. Not sure if it's temporary or it was like that the entire time. There were people doing some cleaning on the shops though...but no worries as your Cat Cafe is there! We asked the guard there and eventually found our Caturday Cat Cafe!

Upon entering, you'll be washing your hand. I dunno why but I naturally followed what Jas did...hahaha. There goes her beautiful hand along with the cute cat tap.

There are numbers of cat cafe you can find in BKK. However I fell in love with this particular cat cafe right after Elie showed the web to me coz they applied illustrations! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE illustrations! Especially doodle-y type like the menu above~ Aren't they lovely?

Ordered a glass of Green Tea something something for myself...was it latte? *coughs* Seriously fell in love with their glass. Which I ended up buying and treasured it till nao. It has become the only glass that I use in my home...hehe. Plus it's affordable so I don't see any reason of not buying this cute stuff! Basically you can purchase their cups, mugs, coasters, bags, keychains, etc. To which the girls bought keychains and they're adorable too~

Red Velvet something something

Thai Tea Layer Cake

The cakes tasted pretty good according to the girls...didn't try any of them myself as I'm immersing in my own world stalking them cats here and there. Oh...the downside of moving around is that you can't protect your food from the lil cuties...So by the time I returned to my seat, I see numbers of furs on my green tea! _(:3 l < )_

No worries as it wouldn't hurt you at all...Maybe this is what all parents feel when their babies break their favourite glass vase or something. You can't blame them coz they're too precious to get mad at. Hmm!! Don't mind...don't mind! So yeah...take care of your food and drinks if you intend to enjoy them...hehe.

I think from these pictures it's obvious on which is taken using my normal cam, handphone and DSLR. comes the interior and what you all wanna see...CATS!~

"You mad, bro?"

"Ain't no time foolin' with the likes of you...Get off my sight..."

"Look only at me humans..."

Cat A: "Wonder what's for dinner..."
Cat B: "Heard that it'll be something that comes out off a metal can"

Such coincidence to be there during product photoshoot. I think this one is their mascot. The fat cat with a bow tie...hehe. Cute lil one!

Ended it with my fav cat! The plain one with angel's wing patch on his back...HAHAHA! Do visit this place if you're visiting BKK. Their cats are adorable, fluffeeeh and clean! Just looking at them can improve your mood. A little if not much.

For more cat pictures, visit their FACEBOOK HERE and INSTAGRAM HERE.

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