Friday, June 12, 2015

Cranky Crab

Initially planned to go for Korean BBQ for le Birthday Dinner. It falls between Chung Gi Wa, Bornga, or the Korean BBQ restaurant that le Bro's Korean Boss usually go to. Heard that the client there mostly Koreans. So I assume the food there must be similar to the one in their home country. So kinda curious. Coz seriously I don't think that I'm going to Korea anytime soon...*sobs*


Ended up in a seafood place instead. The reason is simply because none of us ever been to this seafood place called "Cranky Crab". This one is kind of the cheaper version of Cut The Crab. Never been there either coz I am not that willing that say goodbye to 700++ for crabs. Unless it's for the infamous Hokkaido Crab or something.

The menu
(Took them off their web...y u so pixelated?)

Inside, there's 2 menu placed on your table. One menu similar to those you'd find anywhere in seafood restaurants. And another is the one above. The one we go for today was this. Ordered Mix Bag 2 coz somebody said that he don't want to eat crayfish. Plus I am not that cray over we went for Mix Bag 2 instead. And of crab!! Takkan you go to crab restaurant and don't order their crab right? Especially on your first time! So must order whatever you want to try the most! *coughs*

What you wear while eating
(Quite embarrassing but everyone wore yeah...thicken your skin bah!)

Mango Peach Fruit Tea
IDR 32k

Ordered this drink and I'm LOVING it! it's DELICIOUS! Not too sweet and not to bland. You can feel the peach more than the mango but overall this is pretty good. Price wise quite too expensive for a fruit tea. Unless it's from fresh fruit la...then maybe it'd be understandable.

IDR 45k

This one is one of the eye-catching drink you can find in their menu! Pretty tasty! Suitable for those who love their alcohol sweet! Kinda reminds me of Absolute vodka plus coke. But this one is like flavoured beer. I love the presentation too...something new for me. *blush*

Mix Bag 2 | Asian Addict Sauce | Medium Level Spiciness
IDR 119k

I have no idea how do food bloggers take such nice pictures! Must be they have a LOT of dedication and pride in what they do. As for me, le S4 camera is more than enough...HAHAHA! Result is as seen above...OTL

Previously I bought my DSLR to a restaurant and I find it troublesome to carry them huge heavy cameras with me here and there (Since it was during a trip and I have to carry it with me the entire time...from morning till the journey ended). Trust me it was awful! Shoulder pain much! LOL! But honestly, pictures taken on that day was the most rewarding one...hahaha.


Food arrived pretty fast in my opinion. To which I wonder if they have cooked the food earlier and just reheat them to serve. They come in a plastic bag (food plastic bag...not the plastic bag you get from Quite interesting coz it's my first time la seeing this kind of thing.

Basically they let you choose whether to serve your food on plates or right onto the table (wrapped with disposable "table mat"). Chose the latter coz never try...Excuse my sua ku-ness. 

The food in real life is pretty much like the one you see above. Plus the fine steam which my phone cam can't seem to capture them. Hahaha...Quite vomit look-a-alike la in my opinion. With all the many items all jumbled up at once and the sauce!! Similar to satay sauce~

My concern on that day was the sausages. Was wondering if you guys do actually tear off the plastic casing on your sausages or not? Coz I think I saw them plastics on the sausages. So I ended up de-skinning and eat only the inner part. Taste wise it was ok...Not as great as I imagined it to be.

CRAB | Medium | Black Pepper Sauce
IDR 255k

YAY! Finally the crab is here! It was bigger than expected~ The meat is goooooood too! Reminds me of the crab that dad's god sister send us Definitely this is my pick of the day. Not to forget that the sauce is unique. There's something more than just black peppers. The sauce was pretty coarse (in a good way) and was it shrimp's shell that I taste? or was it smashed lemongrass? I can't decide. My tongue tasting skill still have a long way to go. Can give it a try la.

Complimentary Ice Cream

FREE ice cream when you post pictures on Instagram. Was surprised with the generous amount of ice cream served. Usually restaurants only give one this one is considered alotttt in my opinion. Too much till I took my own sweet time finishing it. Coz kinda feel guilty if I didn't finish it after people give

Interior 1

Interior 2

The one we went to was quite plain in terms of the interior design. The one on the left side is much more interesting. But I guess that's the smoking area. They have more catchy lighting la. So if you don't mind smokes you can go there and enjoy a much better ambiance.

Something random I just thought's quite fun to go here when you're angry or something...Coz you can smack that crabs all you want ala Thor's hammer...LOLOLOL!

Rice was sold at IDR 6k and there's Service Charge plus 10% Tax. Service charge is around half of the tax price if not mistaken. Total damage done was around IDR 534k.

If you like crab...seafood...or maybe just wanna play with that "Thor's hammer", feel free to give it a try. *winks* 

Gedung Samudera Rasa,
Jln Boulevard Raya QF 1 No. 1,
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara

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