Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day One)

Huff!! Supposed to be starting a new blog with le very own domain name. (Yar...that one with "dot com" behind the blog url. Yet have been reading like crazy and still can't understand how it works. Meh! Maybe my understanding level have decreased along with me aging...Hopefully it was just me not focusing enough coz the article is mad longggggg! And there I am able to read one Harry Potter book within 3 days...Hahaha!

Or is there any kind soul who can teach me step by step? I'm stuck at the hosting and which plan to buy. Plus I've been wondering if writing an entry is the same as writing in Blogspot? I mean in Blogspot you just have to click "New Post" and that'll bring you to a new page where you can start typing and adding pictures, etc. Will it be the same? Or it'll in script format in notepad? That will be troublesome for someone like me who have zero knowledge on that!

Anywayyyy, it's good to be back writing like this! Praise the Lord that I'm all good and had a good time in BKK with le girls! As some of you might have read in my previous post, I went to BKK on March to meet with the girls. Flying itself was one thing...coz then I feel life was unpredictable and frail. To have TV showing a documentary film on plane crash while waiting for my plane wasn't very encouraging. Not to forget the constant news on 2 plane accidents a few months back...kinda epic. Though I wasn't one who would get paranoid easily, still it got me thinking once in a while...a lil bit...

Then who would have thought that my own flight would experience a slight bad weather? That feels when you flight pilot asked you to fasten your seat belt coz he said that the weather wasn't very good...Plus the "total white" outside your window and that shake the plane makes...It would have been nothing if it wasn't for the plane crashes news...we'd end up thinking of the turbulence as something normal and not dire. But when I think of possibilities of the worst scenario ever...Simply magnificent! Got me breathless for a bit if not much. That was only a 2-3 hours flight! So you can imagine the probability of turbulence for long hours flight. Always pray I would suggest...

It comes back to God's timing...if we were to go to heaven (hopefully not to hell...haha) earlier then...hmm...if not...then....hmm...Always be ready...coz even if you don't leave your house...accident can happen. Plane crash right into your house (I had a dream on this situation wasn't good!) or whatever-you-can-think-of...I'll leave it to your imaginations. So's best not to quarrel before your flights or whatsoever...coz we do not know when would be the last day of our life!

Thank God for the safe flights...Much thanks to the pilots and the people behind the radar tower for making sure the air route was ok too! (I even had le colleague who is so into planes to watch my flight from FlightRadar24 That's one interesting web! Give it a try!) Oh...this flight made me love clouds! I mean, look! They come in varieties...different types, different textures, etc! Beautiful! For a while I even thought of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream pink cloud! HAHAHA!

No white clouds pic coz I was focusing on! Landing was awesome. It felt great to be somewhere I've never been before. Although I was sure that BKK is pretty similar with Malaysia and Indonesia. The moment that the plane touched down Don Mueng Airport, I was like, "Wah...their airport kinda similar with ours! Surroundings too! Have I reached Thailand?"

Once you've landed, what would you do? HA! Of course head straight to internet provider! LOLOL! And so, there we have TRUE! Was planning to buy DTAC coz konon the customer service can speak English. But I saw only TRUE booth I went ahead to buy the Tourist Plan for 7 days which costs 299 Baht. Went there for 7 days 6 this plan was perfect! Good to know that the sales can speak English. Had no problem conversing. The process was quite simple as you'll just have to pass them sales ladies your passport and wait and pay. DONE! On a side note, the sales lady is pretty! *winks

After reunited with le girlfriends, we headed outside to catch a taxi...Read from blogs that it's cheaper to get a taxi that've just dropped their customers as the taxi lined up outside the airport requires coupon and it costs more. So we went a little bit further to the end of the airport to grab a taxi. Konon we're being a clever tourist by researching before going for travel. But who knows that we would ended up in a taxi which cost double the airport taxi price! Very meh! And so their taxi is similar too with our taxi. Many of them don't want to use meters. That doesn't help first timers as we wouldn't know the distance from A to B therefore unable to ask for a reasonable rate...You'll get better after days on areas you go to frequently...But not places that are far and again if it's your first time going! Trials and'll leveled up for sure...on your second trip hopefully!

Zaabver Fried Rice & Tom Yam
(2/1 Soi Petchaburi 19 Pratunam 10400 Bangkok, Thailand)

Initially Jas and Elie wanted to try the famous SabX2. But it was closed by the time we reached there. If not mistaken they're closed quite early...3 p.m.? So we tried this shop called Zaabver instead. It's located beside SabX2.

Tom Yam Goong Milk Soup

Pad Thai

As someone who mad love Tom Yam and managed to eat Tom Yam for dinner 5 days straight, I'd say that the Tom Yam here doesn't kill my expectation on Thailand's Tom Yam. It have always been one of my wish to try the true Tom Yam from the land of Tom Yam itself. To see if the one we have outside Thailand match the authentic taste there. In conclusion, they're quite similar...although I've expected that the one in Thai would be much more spicy. The tom yam in this shop is ok. My fav would be the one in Alpaca Farm...we'll get to it on my future post...haha (On a side note, green curry in Thailand is more delicious than the one we have in our country!)

Pad Thai in this shop wasn't that great as the rice noodle is a lil bit too soggy. Taste wise is pretty good though. You can really taste the sesame oil and such (Or was it fish oil? Since Thai use so much Fish Oil...haha). Portion was small with huge chunks of squid...good for you who love squid. Hahaha.

Platinum Mall

Went straight to Platinum Mall right after our dinner. Unfortunately, many were closed by the time we got we went to the building next to it. There they have Boots...A shop similar to Watson and Guardian. They carry interesting brands like No. 7, Botanics, Snail White, etc. Some branch have more varieties in terms of brands.

So excited to see Snail White as I kept seeing them in online shops here in Indonesia. It's sold at 950 Baht. Wanted to stock Liese and Beauty Labo hair here. But since it was our first day there, I thought that I should save and stock only on our last day. To which later turns into a tragedy...where I was unable to buy them since our last day was spend on Alpaca Farm and by the time we reached hotel it was already late at night and shops were closed...Flight was early yeah...

Oh! Both Jas and I spotted the famous Gari Gari Kun (the famous Japanese Ice Popsicle) in a shop just across Boots. Tempted to give it a try. However the soda one was out of we didn't try it in the end...hahaha.

Our night ended in 7-11 like daily! We usually stocked our drinks and snacks there every night before returning to our hotel. Love the 7-11 there as it comes with varieties of drinks. I realized that they have lots of beauty drinks. Plus the packaging are really cute! Though my bias would be the Meiji milk! Banana Milk Flavoured is the bomb! Followed by the Plain and Chocolate...Others were ok!

Wish that Indonesia would carry these Meiji Flavoured Milk soon! Both Jas and Elie loves their Betagen...A drink similar to Vitagen and Yakult. Though for me I'd still prefer Yakult coz its taste much more stronger than Betagen. Followed by Meiji brand cultured drink. Again coz its taste much more stronger...haha. 

Bought Sticky Rice with Mango for 100 Baht at Pratunam Market on our way to the hotel. Mango was ok but the sticky rice is a bit hard. No pictures on it coz I only took video for instagram. So there goes the end of our first night in BKK!

If you're interested to read more, you can read Elie's version on the trip HERE! Her writing is much more neat and easy reading compared to my too-much-words writing. LOL!


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