Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Afternoon The Sun Is So Bright

Overly bored but don't feel like doing my work yet...So here I am posting random post. Got this from friend's friend mia blog. You can read hers HERE.

1. What is something you'd like to say to your best friend?
- Miss me?

2. What is your zodiac sign? Do you read your horoscope?
- Gemini. Only when I saw them somewhere.

3. What position do you sleep in?
- Dead log...with all my front facing down and face turned left when I ran out of oxygen...haha. Followed by random positions. Just as what you'll see in Keith Haring's work of art. Sorry but I don't sleep like a princess. *blinks

4. Do you get into arguments a lot?
- I'd prefer to avoid that. Too tiring and a waste of time. Unless it's proven effective and needed...then perhaps...

5. What is your favorite beverage?
- Green tea or chocolate related.

6. Who is your favourite Pokemon?
- Back then I was so into Jigglypuff and Pikachu...But now I love Pikachu the best of 'em all.

7. Name a band you wish more people knew about.
- The GazettE. His voice is the absolute eargasm awesomeness!!

8. What's something that's bothering you right now?
- A lil bit of this and that. You sure you want to know? HA!

9. Do you consider yourself an honest person?
- I'm afraid to say that I'm the best liar...I give out so many white lies.

10. Are you currently in a relationship?
- Friendship...Wanna join in the "ship"?

11. What kind of things could someone expect in a relationship with you?
- As in what I have in offer? A bit of this and that...

12. What was your 1st word?
- I have no idea.

13. When was the last time you went on a holiday? Where to?
- Sadly that was years ago. May 2012 where I fly to KL to visit le friends and went for David Choi's concert. Other holidays I just went to nearby places...OTL (Hmm...why does this sentence sounds weird?)

14. Are you a people person?
- Depends on my mood. I tend to have low batt...

15. Talk about the last book you read.
- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Can't say much at the moment coz I've just read them till page 75. So far so good. Can give it a try. 

16. Random facts about my siblings.
- Close but not close...Not close but close...It's complicated. LOL

17. Random facts about my friends.
- They're all good people! I've pretty good eyes! *coughs

18. What is (one of) your fav. poems?
- To Be or Not To Be and Life's Brief Candle by William Shakespeare.

19. What is something that you can cook really well?
- Indomie...HAHAHA

20. What is a hobby that many people know you do?
- Playing otome games! I've always wanted to play them ever since there's Tokimeki during my younger years (where I am so addicted to shoujo kinds of manga)...unfortunately they're only available in Japanese at that time. So now that I found some otoge in English language, I'm happy! Especially games like Hakuouki. They have the best illustrations! All the guys look so delicious handsome!

21. Do you usually text people first?
- Depends.

22. Tell a ghost story/urban legends.
- I know not much of these...

23. What's your favourite kind of soda/pop/ or whatever you call it?
- Coca Cola

24. What was something important that someone said to you once?
- Put God first in everything you do. My 1st boss is an inspiration. *smiles

25. Are you a clumsy person?
- I think yes...OTL

26. Do you enjoy singing?
- I do...but my singing sucks badly. Plus my voice only suitable for singing anime's song...lololol.

27. Appearance wise, what's something that you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Alluring smiles! Tee-hee~

28. What's your favourite dinosaur?
- Milo dinosaur! Google it and you'll know! Hehe...

29. What's the last thing you regret doing?
- ...

30. Do you try to eat healthy?
- I do...but always fail miserably...haha

31. What was the last thing you ate?
- Carnivor's Babyback Half Rack with Mashed Potatoes.

32. What was the last thing you watch on TV?
- I can't remember.

33. What size shoes do you wear?
- 35? 5? 4?

34. How many books have you read this year?
- 1...One...LOL!

35. Have you ever had a detention? Reasoning?
- No.

36. What's your relationship like with your parents?
- Friendship

37. How did you meet your best friend?
- Which?

38. Do you know how to read music?
- You mean those piano scores etc? A lil bit...if I haven't forgotten them already...hahaha

39. What is something you do out of habit?
- Mumbling to myself in random languages...biting my nails (sometimes I painted them nails so I can avoid biting them).

40. Random lyrics. Go~
- 你算什么男人。。。算什么男人~~

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