Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still an INFJ

Seems like I really love to take personality test. Realized this since I always played them once a year...LOL! To my surprise I still maintain the same result as before. It's INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging).

Actually tried it today since I always find difficulties in filling up "about me" section everywhere. Not that it has much relation to personality test. But does somehow let me know about myself better. Not 100%...but at least some key points.

It's like sometime you have the tendencies to flip your hair before eating (or something liddat...excuse me for the lame example~) but you never realized it till someone mentioned it. So does help me one way or another. *coughs*

You can read more about INFJ, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. I agree to almost all of the descriptions...Though I must insist that I disagree with one which says "natural leader". HA! I am definitely not a natural leader nor did I possess a good leadership.


  1. iya bener, kalo gada yang baca rasanya kayak ada yang kurang aja gitu. haha.
    ga kenapa2 sih, pengen buat baru aja. tapi setelah dipikir sekarang, sayang juga -_-
    by the way, sori lama reply nya. maklum, banya urusan :p

  2. kuliah tgal 3. tapi sabtu ini uda berangkat, mau registrasi ulang, nyari ytempat kost, blablabla. hehehe :D
    kamu lagi sibuk apa belakangan inii??