Saturday, July 14, 2012


Heard alot about scam call for quite some time already. But never did I imagine myself to be experiencing it...until yesterday.

It was Friday, 8:52 in the morning that I received a call from an unknown number. The number started with 0853. At first I don't feel like picking up since I rarely received any phone calls so early in the morning. And I don't believe having any Indonesian friend who knew about my Indonesian phone number yet...So ya...

However the prolonged ringtone annoyed me in which I decided to pick up and listen to who is so hardcore enough to get me to pick up the phone. The first few words were like a mumble to me. Didn't really catch up what he said. But then when it comes to the point, it becomes so clear. Below is our conversation translated to English:

Stupiak Scammer: This is xxx from xxx (he mentioned some pretty famous company in Indonesia). Congratulations! Your GSM handphone under *insert my phone number provider name here* have been picked and you've won 7.5k.

As soon as I hear about the prize money, I am entirely awake from my early morning slumber-ness and realized that I am on the phone talking with a scammer. I mean, Hello? Who is so lucky enough to win anything without even trying or participating in anything? Lousy scammer. And how come only 7.5k? LOL...I've heard 25k or car. Guess mine is the lowest amount I've ever heard of. Anyway it's still lame trick. As lame as those e-mail in my junk mail saying that my bank account in xxx need confirmation ,etc. (For goodness sake please even check if I even have any bank account in those bank names mentioned to fool me. *sighs*)

Me: (Calm and determined) Oh?*silence*...Ok...Erm. Thank you but I don't think I need those money. Please give it to others who need them.

But right after I finished my sentence, he replied me with this...

Stupiak Scammer: (cheekily) Oh darling, "something something which I forgot what he's talking about". But my heart have been captured by you.

To tell you the truth, I was shocked on how his voice from that of a gentleman pro customer service caller suddenly changed 360 degree to those I-dunno-what-to-compare-him-to right away after I finished my "so kind" reply. From this I confirmed 100% that this is a scam call. Coz a real call for winning lottery wouldn't be so rude in replying the so called "winner"!

Listening to that sudden personality change, I stayed silent as I'm interested to know what other sentence he have under his sleeve. And guess what he said after that! Even I went speechless level 99 and got tired to entertain his lousy scam play much longer...

Stupiak Scammer: (Cheekily and sarcastically) your parents selling "bakso"(meatball)???! But nevertheless my heart have been captured by you.

Right after he mentioned about the meatball there's two things appeared on my mind. First...WOW!! Ok...I admit that I'm a meatball freak who is able to consume "bakso" almost daily. But why after so many other food available in Indonesia must you decided to choose "bakso" to appear into your sentence? Unrelated but it's just funny to have my fav food mentioned by a stranger to insult me.

Secondly, although my parents do not sell "bakso", but still I must say that I feel offended. I mean so what if they happen to be selling "bakso"? At least selling "bakso" is an honest job and didn't break any law or cheat people to get easy money. Almost wanted to talk back. But in the end I didn't do anything cause I don't want to regret scolding people and creating enemies. Although he's anonymous but no want enemies!

So yeah...I just hung up the phone. Searched up about this telephone scam on Google and I am surprised to see that there's alot of scam using xxx company name. Somehow pity the company. Anyway I think I did the right thing by ending the conversation early. Coz from what I found, some can even do black magic or hypnotize you to do what they want you to do. In which now if I think back... Are those cheeky words he repeated twice is some kind of chant?? LOL! No one will know...anyway it's a great experience but I wouldn't want to encounter with it anymore or else I'm gonna turn into a beast the second time! Phewww~~


  1. omg.. u better be careful..
    Next time see number unknown and give u miss call jangan call balik tau tak?
    it seems that there's certain number, if u call balik them, they will be able to get all the information from your phone, so if u save any password to any bank account or email account which lead to etc etc, they will be able to use it to their own preference.. >.<"

  2. @Jasmin Wah...summore wan call back? But I got baca one is they receive sms asking them to call the number they wrote. Then ini person call back lo wanna play itu scammer. Ini person I think quite clever la...Keep ask ask ask till in the end itu yg bagi present say "Ok la...I duwan give the prize to u d!" then hung up the phone. Haha...funny pun he ask the guy how come muz go atm n call them when there's onling banking (mcm cimb click). HAHAHA...when itu guy say oni can thru atm he asked "no other way kah??" LMAO.