Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Is Coming To Town~

Whee...48 days more to go and I'll be able to attend AFA 2012 in Jakarta! I'm so excited and hyper beyond words.'ll be my first time attending this kind of event...So yeah. I'm hoping that it'll be a wonderful experience and memory.

For more info about the venue, date and time you can go to their official website HERE. As for the event itself, I think I only know 2 person so far. They're the infamous Danny Choo and Kaname (cosplayer from Japan).

Below are some of the cosplay done by Kaname. You can follow his Twitter HERE.

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7

Sanji from One Piece

Ash from One Piece

Kaito from Vocaloid

Lavi from D.Gray-Man

Dear September...please arrive as soon as you can! *dancing randomly around the room like nobody watching*


  1. Ambil gambar banyak2 ^^

  2. Ya...hope so bah. Most prob is curi ambik gambar of him since I'll be goin alone with my lauya cam. Bro usin the DSLR goin with his kawan. (T^T)

  3. hihi. kayaknya 4 taun sih disini. iyaa, aku juga ga nyangka bakal lulus. tapi yaa, syukur aja deh keterima ternyata :D

    maacii :)

    wuah, disini enak lohh. adem, lumayan asri juga. orangnya ramah2, terus makanan murah. hehe. enak deh pokoknya :D

  4. Aah, I wish I could go to an event like that too!

  5. iyaa, haha. beneran baik deh pokoknya. sejauh ini sih, semua sorg yg aku temuin pada baik2 semua.

    kata2nya bakso malang enak. tapi aku pengen coba chui mi juga. hehe.

    iyaa, sebenernya ada juga sih yg pedes. cuma liat2 tempat makannya. kalo p[as ketemu yg pedes, ya pedes. kalo yg manis, yaa. gitulah -_-
    kalo aku mah lebih suka yg pedes dong. secara di medan kan makanannya lumayan pedes juga, haha.

    iya, udah mulai puasa nih. makasiii :D