Saturday, May 7, 2016

TesterKorea 2

As promised, here's my post on my second purchase from TesterKorea~ So happy when it arrived coz it reached faster than the previous one! Oh btw...I think I've wrote the name of the shop wrongly. Saw lots of people wrote it as TesterKorea instead of Tester Korea when I Google the name. So yeah...

Dear name...y u no space in between one? (Ok...I know...I know...people's preference...hahaha!)

Tester Korea Packaging
The Box

Tester Korea Packaging
Plastic Cardboard Box

Tester Korea Packaging
Hello again Packing Peanuts~


Did you see anything different compared to before? If you haven't read my old post, click HERE. Hehe...Can guess it already? Yes...the box! No longer that brown big's a smaller box this time around...A plastic cardboard box!

Now I roughly can know why did they give me a bigger box previously. Must have because one of the items from my previous purchase can't fit this smaller yeah...that's how that huge box came around...LOL!

Anyway...this plastic cardboard box is sturdy too~ So nothing to worry about. Your items are safe!

Items Bought From Tester Korea
Items bought

Tester Korea Free Sample
Free samples

Tester Korea Free Sample
Free Samples


Items above were the free samples I got from TesterKorea. Again there's 4. And I spent roughly about the same amount as my previous purchase...So I can't tell exactly how much that they'll give. But looks like they're not giving any real size samples or mini tube size...only small packets type...Though it wasn't much of a concern for me as I think of them like they're something extra. Satisfied enough! 

Tester Korea Track Shipping


Still using e-Cargo, I'm HAPPY! This time it arrived earlier compared to my previous purchase. Might be because it was a smaller box. Coz this time the box arrived using a motorcycle instead of a van. Arrived nicely with no dent on the box or whatsoever! Definitely a 5 star for both TesterKorea and e-Cargo.

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