Sunday, April 17, 2016


Recently I bought beauty stuffs through an online shop (web) called TESTER KOREA. Surprisingly my items arrived quite fast and I'm very very SATISFIED! Thus, here I am posting in the middle of the night to share it with you guys~


Nicely wrapped~



Didn't really expect the box to arrive in a huge box since I only bought 3 small stuffs. So I was kinda excited when it arrived. Bigger is more "shiok" (exciting?) la konon. Despite the fact that I'm fully aware that they wouldn't put something else beside what I ordered...LOLOLOL! Maybe that's the standard box size they have for 500g items.


I'm really happy with the packaging! First of all...the BOX! It's HUGE  STURDY! least strong enough la in my opinion. Dunno I should praise the one who pack them or praise the shipping company for their excellent handling skills. Coz seriously there's no dent on my box~ So yeah...HAPPY!

Next...the inner part! You see those bubble wrap? They're generous with it! Looking at its condition also makes me smile. So neatly packed! Plus that "round Styrofoam" looks so cute! Although I feel as if that they're a "waste of money"...LOLOLOLOL...but they adds to the overall experience of opening the box. It makes the box to look "fuller".

Overall I'm HAPPY...I repeat...HAPPY with the packaging and handling of items~ 

Items that I bought

Didn't really buy much coz it was my first purchase with them. It's always my kind of thing to try before going deciding whether to trust an online shop or not. And currently I'm going towards positive!


Testers that they gave out

Back View


They come in sample size...pretty generous I'd say. Got 4 samples for my purchase of USD40++...So it's like you get 1 sample for every USD10? Shall see if my deduction is correct. Currently making another purchase with them...So yeah...hahaha...

On a side note, I like that tiny details like the stickers attached on the plastic. Though if I can be more picky, it'd be better if there's something written in handwriting. Like the one I ever received from some online shop. Though of course it wasn't a must...that would be a sweet gesture in my opinion~



Delivery wise, I'd recommend using e-Cargo which was available for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Why? Coz my last purchase was shipped through them and I got them safely on my hand. So of course I would recommend them. And remember the packaging? Not a single dent was found on the box one lehhh!! Why so perfect one???!!

Shipping wise it was FAST! Considering that most online shops in Indonesia is Pre Order (PO) based and took around 1 month for them to reach us. So far Tester Korea is the best option for buying Korean Beauty product if you're living in Indonesia and wants your items to arrive faster than most online shops! If you know any other online shops that's better, do let me know so that I can give them a try too~

Here's the timeline: I made my purchase on 26th of March (late night), paid on the same day, got my items ready for shipping on 30th of March and finally received them on 7th of April! Fast weh!!


As for the products itself, they claimed that they sell only original products. As I'm no expert in determining whether a product is original or fake, so I live by trust alone...HAHAHA~ //Slapped

So far there's no bad review on the it's still worth to give it a shot la.

I believe that the no. 1 buying decision factor is the originality of the product. 2nd is for the item to arrive safely and 3rd is shipping time. Since they can satisfy the 3 needs I expect from an online shop, thus I am fully satisfied and would love to buy from them again. In fact I've made my 2nd purchase earlier today...hahaha...

Sadly there's no promo code or such. So I can't really share them to you. But price wise they're reasonable and so far offers the best price I've ever come across with. Even falls to the cheaper side compared to most online shops. Shipped directly from Korea some more...So decide for yourself! 

Good night and happy weekend!


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