Sunday, September 13, 2015

Shao Kao (Kelapa Gading)

(Boulevard Raya LA6/16, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara)
Phone: 0812 8211 3939
- Non - Halal -

If previous years we were "invaded" by Ramen, this year we have Chinese Street Skewers! It's slowly mushrooming everywhere! IMO it's pretty similar to LOK LOK (skewered food dipped into a boiling pot and served with varieties of sauce).

Situated just across Mall Kelapa Gading, in between of KFC and NAV, we have Shao Kao! They served Chinese Street Style Skewers. Heard they have another branch in PIK too. In case you're living close to PIK, you can opt to visit their shop at:

(Ruko Cordoba, Blok F No. 6, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara)

Shao Kao Kelapa Gading Branch

Aside from skewers, Shao Kao offered a number of other dishes such as Fried Rice, Fried Pork, Fried Chicken etc. In case them skewers can't make your stomach fully full. They served a variety of beers too to accompany your skewers. Though I ended up with Es Teh Manis (Iced Sweet Tea) since I only drink alcoholic beverages only if I have to. LOL!

Anyway...Let's go to their main!


Varieties of skewers to choose from

This is the place where you can pick your choice of skewers. You pick whatever you want and place them onto the food tray that the waiter/waitress hold for you. After you're done, they'll ask if you wanted it fully cooked or whatever your preferences is.

Some of the food ordered on that day

Food presentation wise was pretty good. Quite mouth watering la! You see that "sprinkled powder" on top? Super appetizing ok! Dunno if it's because I'm omega hungry at that time or not...Coz honestly I was too hungry till can't manage to hold myself from eating before capturing pictures for you all to see. *slapped*

Surprisingly, my fave from this place would be their Shimeji Mushroom! So juicy...crispy? You can feel that both the sauce and the Shimeji Mushroom blends really well! I'd say give it a try!

Broccoli was good. Cooked just right and given the right amount of sauce. Mantou was ok. Could've been better. It was crispy but the texture inside was quite hard. Like Pao that's been left on the plate for hours. That kind of texture. Maybe coz it's frozen food...I don't know...Maybe I should've opted for the plain Mantou. Maybe they're softer on the inside and crunchy on the outside...Tell me if it is! Chicken meat was good. Pretty juicy! Baby potatoes? Tad more to raw side. So nope for me! Chicken Skin and Pork Belly can be good. If only the meat on the end of the skewers aren't overcooked. Coz the one we got were overcooked on its end part. It became super crunchy to the point you can't taste the meat that much la. Although the meat were gradually tasted better towards the inner part! Shiitake Mushroom? Not much to comment...Taste like Shiitake Mushroom...Hahaha.


The downside of this place is that they don't state the price of each food (Except for the food stated on the menu). It can leave people with budget wondering how many they should take. LOL!!! But afraid not coz here I am to give you all budget eaters the rough cost. Still affordable I'd say! Hehehe...

Below are the food ordered and the price of each items:
- 2 Nasi Putih (White Rice) Rp. 5.000 /each
- 1 Es Teh Manis (Iced Sweet Tea) Rp. 5.000 /each
- 1 Es Teh (Iced Tea) Rp. 5.000 /each
- 1 Kentang (Baby Potato) Rp. 4.000 /each
- 1 Brokoli (Broccoli) Rp. 6.000 /each
- 1 Daging Ayam (Chicken meat) Rp. 6.000 /each
- 1 Jamur Shimeji (Shimeji Mushroom) Rp. 6.500 /each
- 1 Jamur Shitake (Shiitake Mushroom) Rp. 6.500 /each
- 2 Kulit Ayam (Chicken Skin) Rp. 6.000 /each
- 1 Mantou isi Ayam (Mantou w/Minced Chicken Fillings) Rp. 6.000 /each
- 3 Samcan Babi (Pork Belly) Rp. 9.000 /each

Total was:
Rp. 94.000 + Rp. 9.400 (10% Tax) = Rp. 103.400

See? Affordable right?

Lastly before ending this post, I'm going to share another good point from this place! See if you can spot what it is by looking at the photo below or not! Don't cheat and scroll down for answers ok!


So did you spot it? I just LOVEEE places that provides plug sockets! Convenient much! They have them almost at every table~ I think this place is suitable for those who wanted to eat light snacks while chit-chatting...(Be it with your colleagues, friends, etc.)

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