Sunday, June 22, 2014

Songs I Recently Found and Like

Sharing this awesome song which I found by chance. Was watching a vid which leads to another vid and it features this song called "Drenched" by Wanting Qu. Loved it and eventually I tried listening to her other songs. From there I found another 2 songs which I like..."Jars of Love" and "You Exist in My Song".

Personally I think "Drenched" is sweet! Heard it from a proposal vid and I like it. As for "Jars of Love", I really like the lyric. It kinda strikes me at the heart...LOL! The music is fun too ok! Last but not least we come to the last song, "You Exist in My Song". The most emotional one! Definitely a good song worth listening too!

And oh...I think someone sang this song when Jas, Yao, Sugi and I went to karaoke in Jakarta. Was it Jas and Sugi? Hahaha...Can't really remember. Or perhaps my memory is super fragmented...(Some even points out that I've been asking the same questions for a few times already but can't remember. Ugh...someone kind please feed me gingko! Hurr!! Honestly I remember images better than words let me defend myself a lil yeah...even this song I think the vid looks familiar...that's why...hopefully I'm right...If not, PLEASE FEED ME GINGKO!! HAHAHA...*lame mode)


Jars of Love

You Exist in My Song

To close this post I'm gonna post a sneak peak on the vid I took back on 9th June! (This time date is correct...coz I cheat see the date! *merasa begitu bijak). Since I talked about them singing so might as well post a lil something about it right!

Please welcome Jas & Sugi's voice! Plus a lil bit appearance of Yao...if you got super good pair of eyes or miracle eyes! Only voice and a lil bit of the touch screen can be seen. blame the room too dark
Blame me lazy to turn on the light...*slapped

Enjoy their 50 secs of singing!

Jas and Sugi singing I-dunno-what-song

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