Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy June!

It's 5 days already...since both Jas n Yao had left to KL. Am grateful, happy and excited for them to be actually flying all the way from SG and KL to see me Jakarta. TROLOLOL! (Which huh?? XD)

So good to see them again after a long long time not seeing this two faces...Even greater to have them on my birthday (Gosh! Much closer to the big 3! Face please stay young ok!). Wasn't really the type who I don't give much thought on celebrating for self (On a side note, I mad enjoy celebrating for others!). For all my due respect, forgive me for my "wood" expression coz I don't know how to react well to singing and "surprises". HAHAHA!

So apparently they had ppl from the restaurant to sing this year! Reminds me of the year 2009 where Yeen them had the singer at Wings Cafe to sing Happy Birthday song right after I'm out of the bathroom...TROLOLOL! How can you guys be such a romantic!?? *coughs

Not to forget that frozen strawberry cheesecake ice cream which they bought for me this year! It's MAD hard to chop! Yet it's easy to "korek" using fork...hmm!

Thank God for sending them to me as I walk the great "17"! Thank you...thank you...thank you to u both too for coming though I am aware most of le friends prefers going somewhere else instead of Jakarta...Huff!! Sorry for being a noob host too! I'll learn from my failure...//slapped.

Yao, Me, Jas

All the goodness and happiness be fall onto you both!

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