Thursday, May 17, 2012

Transformation In Seconds

Downloaded a mobile app called "Camera 360" for quite some time but never actually tried it till yesterday. You guys should've download this awesome app! I fully recommend this as I have become one of their happy user...Haha. For real they make pictures taken by you to look like they've been Photoshop-ed with just a few click! Awesome right? No more hassle to transfer your picture to your PC/laptop to edit them. Go get 'em nao for your Android or iPhone!

The layout of the app

It's so easy to use that I don't think I have to explain anything about it. Basically I'm using their "Magic Skin" effect and loving it! Hahaha...who wouldn't love to have their every single picture to look porcelain-like and fabulous?

Make up OTD
(In case you're wondering why the fake eyelashes only halfway, it's because I accidentally cut too much that it turned out like the above)

First tried to draw my eyebrow with eyebrow pencil. Look manlier somehow. Was never good with eyebrow touch up. But without them I realize that there's something missing with the whole eye area. Anyway...gotta love fake eyelashes! Somehow they made my single eyelid to have a temporary double eyelid for as long the fake eyelashes is on. Sorcery! Or perhaps it's just that the eyelashes is too "heavy" (though I don't feel heavy since I chose less dramatic fake eyelashes) that whenever I opened my eyes it created some weight onto my eyelid which results in crease.

That's all for today. So what you waiting for? Just download the apps, play this song, rock the camera lens and be amazed by the result! *winks*

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