Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life is Great

Hello again! It's a lil bit unusual but recently my wireless is getting lousy and lousier. The time spent with this particular wireless used to be so awesome to the point that I think I wanna nominate it as the best wireless with fantastic speed and connectivity that I ever encountered in my whole life.

However...Guess good things won't last huh? Apparently it wasn't as fast nor steady as it used to be. I still remembered how awesome it is during the 1st month. But now the connectivity keep come and go to the point I could find it pointless to keep refreshing as sometimes the line stays only for a couple of minute and then...POOF! GONE! Which in this situation I have to go back to step one which is to refresh, unplug then wait. Annoying much. Which is why I am often MIA in these few days as my patience to keep refreshing and unplug wasn't as good as before. LOL!

Am still thinking if I should call the customer service. Due to my research, majority says that it's pointless and wasted your money for calling their customer service since it's not free and in fact more expensive than normal call. LOL! So ya...lemme know what do you think. Should I give 'em a call? Or perhaps things will get better in time since this is only the end of second month using it.

Other than this, life is great and I couldn't ask for more. Except steady income...LOL! First time not having steady income. So yea...still pretty not used to it. But it's ok. Guess life needs all kinds of experience and I'm getting one of them right now.

Anyway, one of the great things of being back in my home country would be the delicious Indonesian food. So far I've eaten a number of them and I couldn't resist but to post some of the pics to share my joy and happiness eating them. Do try them if you ever visit Indonesia some day in the future!

Soto Betawi


There's alot more food such as empek-empek, gado-gado, ketoprak, satay, nasi uduk, pecel ayam, rojak buah, etc. But so far I am always too hungry to consume them ASAP that I don't get a proper picture of them. So yeah...I'll try better next time to control myself.

Btw the "Bakso" picture above was the "Bakso" which I brought home and I added the noodles on my own coz I've always liked my "Bakso" to be accompanied by noodle. Too bad the nearby "Bakso" seller only have "Bee Hoon" which I hated. So ya...gotta cook myself some noodles to eat with the "Bakso". It was delicious and I keep craving for it no matter how many times I eat it in a week. LOL. Simply irresistible and addictive!

All these while I've been eating and eating almost everything that comes into my sight that I am almost worried that I'll get chubbier than ever. Fortunately friends were saying I get thinner during my short trip to Malaysia to take my old stuffs (Around 3 months didn't see them. So I guess they can see the difference better than I do). So yea...don't think I'll have to worry about my food intake for the time being. Shall enjoy my food paradise to the fullest!


  1. I wish I could try it! I love all kinds of Asian food :D

  2. your post make me even more hungry now.. learn to cook it and cook for me when you're back..
    or post more photo and info of the nice food there, maybe one day i will just fly over to taste it all~

  3. @Jas Haha...mari mari come. Bawa manyiak wang so can bawa u eat alot...haha. :a

  4. how much will be enough leh?
    i saw u got new cursor! how u change that? write a post for it bah ;)

  5. @Jas as much u mau enjoy. Ngek ngek...i will bagi u at anime freak bah. Lazy mau write. N it's ppl mia post so i duwan repost la. XD