Sunday, April 15, 2012

Like A Thief In The Night

Experienced tremor at 2 something in the morning. It's kinda unusual for me as usually earthquake mostly occurred when I'm awake (Fyi, today would be my third time experiencing earthquake in my life). Though I must say that this is my first time ever to be experiencing them super early in the morning (Plus the fact that I was attached to the bed halfway sleeping when it happened).

All I remembered was the feeling of my bed swaying on its own... Gently. In which I decided to rub off the idea of an earthquake; thinking that I was just hallucinating since I was already midway to the dreamland.

However, soon enough bro came to my room asking if I feel the tremor too. That's when I quickly got up from my bed, feeling so much awake as I can be and had no idea on what to do. So Bro and I both surveyed outside our door. Much to our surprise there's only a couple of neighbours (3 aunties) talking to each other about the tremor (Guess most people were asleep). The surrounding was all silent and calm without any signs of panicking people running around trying to get out from the apartment. Seeing that there's no follow up tremor, we decided to continue the day. Which for me means to continue my sleep.

Did tried Google-ing bout the earthquake before I went to sleep. But I couldn't find any at that time. I only managed to find it now.

It was an earthquake measuring 6 on the Scale Ritcher which rocked Pandeglang, Banten. It happened for about 5 seconds at around 2.25 A.M.

Below is the picture to illustrate how far Banten is from my place:

Banten (B) and my place (A)

Wouldn't know when it gonna occur again. But if it does, am hoping that it'll visit during broad daylight instead of midnight where everyone is sleeping. *fingers crossed*


  1. omg.. that's really scary, the only tremor I've experienced are one at Mid Valley, which probably cause by the heavy traffic of people crossing here n there.. and the one happened always at my office is my senior shaking table as he's rubbing off drawing with his eraser, sometime the table shake by itself, with just me sitting there and im not touching it, still i would like to assume that's it was cause by the highway.. ¬_¬

  2. HAHAHA...tat d reason i no like people beside me rubbing when i am beside them drawing. Shakey leh. Btw liddis we shud count in KTM n LRT. Ada sikit getaran pun. :D