Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From 辛 to 幸

Recently I came across a Japanese movie called "Hitsudan Hostess" (筆談ホステス). I thought that it would be nice to watch since it was based on real life stories of a 25-year-old hostess by the name Saito Rie. So in fact I did ended up watching it yesterday and hey...it made me cried!

If there's one thing which I would love share about this movie, that would've been my fave scene with my fave quote from this movie. The writing which Rie (the main character) wrote to her customer is awesome! I find it intriguing on how Kanji (and Chinese characters) can change the whole meaning by changing a single stroke to the word itself. Just like the title of the post, Rie changed the word to . Basically the first word refers to something like hardship or sadness while the second word means something like fortune or happiness. How cool is that? Somehow this scene made me feel that Saito Rie is really cool and at the same time brilliant to come up with words like that.

辛いのは 幸せになる 道中です
(Tsurai no wa shiawase ni naru dochudesu)
"Difficult times happen on the way to happiness"

Excuse my writing up there...Just wanna illustrate on how she wrote it on the paper. Though seriously her writing in the drama is much more awesome than mine! Haha...so yeah...watch this movie! Wouldn't say that this is something super extremely addictive or mind blowing kind of movie but more to a movie which is meaningful, touching and worth the watch (Although I still find the movie to be rather too short).