Friday, December 9, 2011

All Good

First of all, the picture I've been waiting has not arrive yet. In exchange, I received a message and an e-mail. Both also related to some freelance work. I dunno which should I go for since I haven't got the brief. Hmm...Hopefully it's something fun! Not bad to have them coming while I'm still free...waiting for January.

And oh...tomorrow I will be doing some part-time job. Something related to painting and childrens. LOL! Ya...I know ALOT of people always thought that I will have no problem being with children since I look like one. But that's not 100% valid! It's true that I love children but I never find myself having the talent to entertain or talk to childrens. Though I can't deny some rare case do happens and I can connect to some childrens. cousins? Hahaha...does this counts? But recently they've grown up and there's that gap again. They don't seems to be attracted to my lame jokes anymore...Oh well...teenager phase!

Regardless...I bet it's gonna be awesome since I know that it is time for me to give it a try. I mean...somehow things that comes usually are things that is suppose to be faced up front. So yeah. I'm gonna face this obstacle as well. For the painting part...oh hey...I must practice this kind of environment and feeling right? LOL! It's almost seems closer to being a famous artist where you get that "meet and greet" sessions with your fans. LMAO. Ok this is exaggeration!

Anyway...I'm hoping that I'm gonna be pain-free tomorrow! Coz I don't want Tom to be affecting my work! Though I am still grateful that it didn't come during last week's concert. Or else I wouldn't be able to enjoy much or dancing at all! But still...if it's possible, I would wish that Tom will arrive after I'm done with the concert and part-time. But no point talking over spilled milk. Huhu...I can only pray for nao! pain! *sobs*

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