Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Know How To Go To NXZ!

(This is an update to remind me of what happened last Sunday night) Somehow I got the news from Wendy that he's coming to town. But dunno why he picked the wrong timing to meet up with me. I was in the middle of crazy packing and trying to cut down my stuffs so that I can move with less item on Sunday. That I told him on the phone during the evening. Somehow he called back again at night around 10 with the "epic" line.

"I already on my way with Jeff" (Jeff is my my schoolmate from Primary till Secondary School along with Wendy).
So yeah...I was so tired, oily and dusty at that time. Rushed to the bathroom to take a quick shower but didn't wash my hair! *sobs* There's not enough time I thought and also I know that I'll continue packing right after I'm back from drinking session with Wendy and Jeff.

Somehow both of them can't find the way to my condo. LOL...they even got lost twice and one of them was till Taman Bahagia LRT. Good things that they managed to find me on the third attempt or else I might even tell them to give up and just go on ahead without me.

Talked bout random stuffs till almost one and we head to One World Hotel to get Wendy's luggage. And this is where the journey begins! LOL! Fyi, Wendy stayed overnight at his friend's house on Sunday night. And his friend condo was near NXZ. So yeah...Jeff, being the Puchong based people wasn't so familiar with PJ area. I on the other hand rarely go to NXZ. Wendy also didn't know how to get there. So we have no choice but to rely on my hp's Google map.

The bad thing bout our situation? One, I have a low batt. Two, my Google map wouldn't show the precise location of where we're at. (At least not on my phone!)

By the time we reached somewhere near Kelana Hospital something something, the map indicate that we must go for Jalan Emas 1. But Wendy saw the tunnel ahead of us and it gives deja vu feel to him. I, who once remember that we have to go through a tunnel, also didn't go against Wendy's idea and just remain silent at his decision. We looked at the road and the address looks pretty near to our destination. However...we're not so lucky as we took one wrong choice and the wrong path lead us to (Plaza tol Subang? Can't remember the name).

The epic thing is that somehow we saw the building on our way but there's no way to get there. We end up back to our starting point which is SS2. Somehow, we managed to reach the destination on the second attempt but again unimaginable event arise. Wendy's phone had no more batt and he can't call his friend! Thank God he brought the handphone charger with him. That way he went to the guard house and ask the guard to let him charge his phone for awhile. From there, he get to contact his friend and it's the end of our story tonight!

Such a happening day! I enjoyed it much~ As for now...I can assure you that I know how to get to NXZ already! That was the lesson learnt!

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