Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kidnap Ding Ding Don (綁架丁丁當)

I just Google-d and found out that this movie was released last year. I kinda like this movie. Maybe it's also due to what happened in le country recently. So it's giving me the right amount of laughter that I needed.

Hmm...I think this Hong Kong movie is RomCom? (with a little bit of family touch). It began with this guy (male protagonist) who woke up (with injury on his head plus amnesia) in a room where he saw Ding Ding (female protagonist obviously) tied up on a chair. Since he can't remember what happened or his real identity, our female protagonist told him a story to which I think it's better if I don't spoil much...Hehehe...towards the end the story will revealed why is he in her room, so on and so forth...Recommended if you like comedy! I'll leave the it to the movie's trailer to do the "luring"...hahaha!

There's a number of famour actor and actress starred in this movie too: Alex Fong, Ivana Wong (I think I know her more as a singer instead of an actress. But it's refreshing to see that she dived into acting industries too. I think her acting is pretty good in this movie!), Mimi Chu ( LOL my fave auntie actress~), Elena Kong and Hui Shiu Hung (one of my fave too!).







There's a couple scene that got me laugh so hard...below are some of them...


As one of Bigbang's fans I am happy to see them appeared on any drama/movies. Especially if there's GD...which we will soon see below...LOLOLOL~


Seriously didn't expect these two words to appear in the movie. I'll have to agree that people who watch K-dramas could at least know a few famous words like Saranghae, Babo, Eotteokhae, etc.


Laughed the most during this scene. That nice "lousy acting" part screaming "Save me, Daddy save me" was so hilarious!! Plus that epic simple English "If you don't come, daughter bye bye" was one of a kind! HAHAHAHAHA...I still laugh when I think back of this particular scene. If I have to choose then this one is one of the best scene in the movie. 


As an Indonesian, I also love to see our country name appears on any media. And this time we have this maid called Julianna who was once a martial artist in Indonesia. Though to be picky I'd like her use "silat" move or something like that. And to use Indonesian traditional songs as the background while she's doing her moves instead of using Indian instrumental? as background songs. Unless she's doing Indian martial art lah...then it would be perfect.

Next...did you see the last picture? YESSS!!! Finally GD appeared...HAHAHAHAHA!!

Conclusion I had a good time watching this Hong Kong movie. It really is entertaining and funny. But there's some part where I'd hoped for it to be explained much further...Maybe more on the father and daughter relationship after their reconciliation and such...I feel like this movie focused more on the love part instead of the family part. However I'd still recommend watching this...Hehehe.

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