Monday, September 12, 2016

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day Four - PART TWO)

Right after some shopping in Chatuchak, we were extremely tired. So we decided to go back to the hotel. Mainly to drop our items as well as to refresh a lil bit before moving to Asiatique.


The first thing I saw right after getting down from the taxi

First impression on Asiatique? I think it's an interesting place to hang out. Considering that there's beautiful buildings, many restaurants, beautiful scenery and good ambiance. Definitely insta worthy! Been seeing this place ALOT in le friends' facebook photo album whenever the went to Bangkok that I wondered how it is in real life. To be able to see them in real actual eyes is twice the awesomeness~~

But as we went there for the sake of watching Calypso Cabaret Show, we didn't really get the chance to move around that much. Reach there like in the only managed to move around a lil bit and had our dinner at a restaurant that Jas Jas aunt told her about. (Was it aunt or friend or relatives? This is the downside of not blogging right after the event...Forgot details...sobs)

Looks interesting but didn't get the chance to try it

Random photo...I think I like that tall heels...hahaha

Buildings that made me feel like I'm in some western

Love the ambiance

Interesting decor

This is what I imagined Australia would be like since I've never been there...maybe not. LOL!

Ventriloquist Show? Puppet Shows?

Ferris Wheel~

Always nice to see Japanese writings anywhere I go

Look atas mia place

Even the floor are nice~

(Thai Cuisine)

Had our dinner at this restaurant. We were lucky as we don't have to queue to get in. Ambiance are great. I think it would be greater if we were able to sit on the seat next to the river. That way we'll get to see the beautiful Chao Phraya River at night. It is a river that got me reminiscing the good old school days. History class to be exact. For that is when we saw Chao Phraya on the text book. Who would have known that I'd get to see them in person! Awesome~

Curious of that "Zombie" drink but ended up having Lemon Juice instead...why oh why... 

My drink

Elie's Watermelon Juice

Jas Jas Tea

Crowded at the edge as that's where people get to get on a cruise/boat or  have a look at the river

Seafood Som Tam?

Some Seafood Fried Rice

Tom Yam

Pla Samlee Phao Song Kruang | Grilled cotton fish with Thai herbs in banana wrap

Food wise it was good. Not much to comment as I'm not really a seafood lover. Apart from crab, salmon and pomfret fish. This place falls on the pricier side but I think it's worth trying if you have extra money to splurge on.

After the stomach was filled, we went for another short stroll...then here's some things we spotted along the way...

Is that you Batman car? Hahaha

Love padlocks!

Apparently you can try this in Asiatique too. In case you wanted to try but didn't get the chance to visit Namsan Tower in Korea yet. Fun stuff which I'd like to try some day if God allows...*winks*

Why is she alone? Shouldn't there be a pair?

Get to choose your padlock here

How it looked like

(Cabaret Shows)

Calypso in Asiatique

Nice neon...haha

Ticket Counter

When it's time for the shows, you'll have to went up the stairs across from this ticket counter shown above. Then you'll reach a place like shown below...

Our venue was the one up the stairs

It seems like they have restaurant too

Yep...that's the place to go to!

And behold...

A place like no others...
(Erm...coz I've never been to place like this before la)

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

*adds in drum rolls*


Beautiful in Red

It's so prettyyyyyyy~~~ LOVE IT!!!

Our ticket

Upon seating, there would be waiter who would take your drink order. It's a complimentary drink given to everyone who bought the show ticket. We went their alcoholic drink this time. Not the pure vodka, gin, etc. More like a mixture of soda drink with vodka, etc. So it's all good~

Had fun with the overall performance. If you haven't been to one then you should give it a try. It's a nice experience to have. Plus I can't stop complimenting the red ambiance! Loveee~

At the end of the show, you get a chance to take picture with any of these amazing ladies. There were lining up outside the exit door for you to get a picture with them. For a price of course. Wasn't sure on how much it costs. I think this too would be a nice experience. But am to shy to get near to these ladies. So picture taken with them. *sobs*

So ngam my fav was the one standing first and second in line

Gold Dust Man

Some live performance

After the show, we went to Chinatown. Can't remember where it's located. According to the taxi driver, there's more than one Chinatown in BKK. So we asked him to bring us to the nearest one. Unfortunately, almost every shop were closed by the time we reached there. So we did absolutely nothing but to eat at some random shop to console ourselves a little bit. Though I believe none of us is hungry yet. Konon, die die must do something so that it doesn't feels like we come in vain. LOL.

Sky Bar rooftop at Lebua State Tower

I think the best thing after the cabaret show was to spot this building on our way back to the hotel. If you've watched Hangover 2 before, you'll understand what I'm talking about. This is one of their filming site in Bangkok. So beautiful even from afar...This is the view from the front seat of a taxi...lolololol...Life is good. 


  1. Memang ya kalau nggak langsung ditulis banyak yang lupaaa... apalagi soal harga... suka lupa. Pas mau ditulis, eh berapa duit yak, lupak! Duh, pengen ke BKK jadinyos. Tapi mbuh kapan!

    Pas ke Phuket pernah ke kabaret macam itu...
    Pengen foto sama mbak-mbaknya (eh, mas?) tapi kudu mbayar males... *pelit*
    Suka kasian sama mbak-mbak yang jarang dimintain foto...

    1. Iyaa...setuju banget! HAHAHA...ayo pergiiii. Lumayan bisa shopping dan makan-makan. Lumayan enak2 plus affordable~ :3

      Malah aku yg belom pernah ke Phuket. Seru ya? Laen kali coba aja. Buat kenang-kenangan. Tp katanya hati-hati kalo mau foto bareng. Kadang mau foto sama si A. Eh si B, C, D malah "photobomb". Ujung2nya mesti bayar A, B, C dan D. Ludes deh duit. Hahahaha XD