Thursday, March 21, 2013

Island Creamery

How many of you guys have been to Gading Walk in Mall Kelapa Gading? It's been out there for some time already and I personally think that the shops there are quite interesting. Yeah...that's the place where Bobabits and Sunny Side Up located at Here's images of "Island Creamery" interior and the food which my bro and I ordered for desserts after we're done with our dinner at some other place.

Somehow I'm in love with the interior. It made me feels like it would be a great place to hang out with my girls to chat and grab some snacks to entertain ourselves while talking who knows what we're gonna talk about since it's always spontaneous and random. LOL!

What I can say about the environment is that they are pretty nice, comfortable, clean and silent. Most probably coz it was empty on the day I was there. But certainly it wouldn't change my mind on thinking that it will be a good place to hang out with friends...Too bad that my girls were in M'sia...*sighs*

Am guessing it's the ice cream that is all natural, freshly made and have no preservatives. Erm...since the name gives the vibe that their main selling point is the it must be it!

Aren't they look appetizing? I think the food photography is good enough to seduce people to eat what they have to offer. Hahaha...Was in dilemma that night on what to choose. Torn apart between having their Mud Pie or Apple Pie w/ Ice Cream but chose Apple Pie in the end as I think that I rarely eat Apple Pie.

As for bro, he went with Chocolate Lava w/ Ice Cream. Was thinking to get this too at first...But since bro chose this so I go for either Mud Pie or Apple Pie.

And oh!! You can choose whatever flavour to your likings to accompany your desserts. Of course for desserts that comes along with the ice-cream such as what my bro and I chose.

That's how the Apple Pie w/ Ice Cream looked like in RL. Don't ask me why it looks like there's two slice...I ordered one so it must be either they accidentally cut the pie too small so they make it up with adding another slice or it was intended to be like that presentation wise...Haha...not that it matters though.

Taste wise...The apple pie is good but I got to say that their ice cream is GREAT! I the Berry Ice Cream!!! Doesn't really recall the ice cream name but it's something something has to do with berries...Hahaha. Would definitely come back for the ice cream to eat it again. After eating this particular flavour, it sure gives me the impression that their other ice creams would taste good too...Good job on that!

As for Bro's Choco Lava, it was also good...But not to the point that'll get me addicted. The rum raisin ice cream that the bro chose is ok too. But I personally prefer Baskin Robin Rum & Raisin more. Bro took a liking on this flavour.though.

If you're interested you can always go to Gading Walk. It's just right outside the door at the end of Periplus and Manon. And if you like to see more pictures, you can go to their FB Fanpage HERE!

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