Sunday, August 21, 2016

August's Favourite Song

Here are some of the songs that I listened to recently!

정준일 - 안아줘 (Jong Jun Il - Hug)

정준일 - 안아줘 (Jong Jun Il - Hug) LIVE

This song holds so much feels!!
Can you feel not the intense emotions?

태연 - Why (Taeyeon - Why)

Another great songs by Taeyeon~
It's a fun and catchy song!
Gotta love the voice, music, makeup and overall!

Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

This is the second song I love from Wonder Girls.
With "Nobody" being the first.
Personally I liked this song for being different.
It has that Reggae vibe to it and I'm liking it~
Plus the make up in this MV got me falling for the girls.
Especially Yubin and Hyerim.
And to think that Yubin can rock that short bangs...simply WOW!
Kudos to their stylist and make up artist!
And of course the artist too for being awesome...hehehe.

Mike Mohede - Kemenanganku

Last but not least,
here comes another Indonesian song that I love!
I just found out about this song this month when it have been around for ages~
Why oh why?
I'm loving everything about this song.
From Mike's soothing and beautiful voice...
To the lyric of the songs...
As well as the music itself...
Minus the old music video style if I were to be picky.
It's a beautiful song to which I hope you'd like it too~