Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day Two - PART THREE)

After we're done visiting the lovely cats at Caturday Cat Cafe, we returned to Lemontea Hotel to drop our stuffs bought from Platinum Market. From there we moved forward following our schedule made by Jas and Elie. Apparently there's this awesome place with beautiful scenery called Chocolate Ville in Bangkok.

Observed the map and we realize that it's pretty far. Asked several taxi for a price but most of them doesn't want to use meter and charged a super high amount. All above 1000THB eh! We don't even earn dollars...why la the amount...LOL!

Our hotel staff were nice enough to help us talk with the taxi drivers into using meters. However none wants to comply to the request. Coz it was pretty late already and it looked like jam is everywhere, so we ended up settling with a taxi who quoted 700THB (or was it 800THB? But definitely one of these price la) for both ways. Sounds reasonable enough la since the driver will fetch us there, wait till we're done and fetch us back to our hotel. *satisfied

As expected, it was jam everywhere. And because it seemed like it's gonna be a long ride, I was being paranoid that I checked on Google Map and Waze whenever I can. LOLOLOL!!

For I sat in front and them ladies sat on the back seat, I tried befriending the driver. Kononnya I want to keep everyone awake. LOL! Offered him my beloved Eclipse sweet in Lemon flavour (given by Elie earlier) and he accepted it. To which later those two ladies keep on teasing non stop. OTL

Luckily our taxi driver at that time was SUPER OMEGA NICE that we reached our destination safely. And surprisingly we weren't sure if he trusted us so much, he's being kind or that he haven't thought of the possibilities that we might betray him and go for another taxi for our ride back to the hotel. Coz seriously he didn't asked for any deposit as we are about to leave the taxi. In fact we asked him if he needed any deposit or half of the payment. But he insisted that we can pay it later...And so...

They said it was the CANDY EFFECT...TROLOLOLOL!!!

Chocolate Ville
(351, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand)

Upon stepping your feet on Chocolate Ville, you can see a whole place decorated with nice buildings and such. It made me so excited about this place right away~ I placement and everything. Hahaha...Spotted many other tourists there too! Most probably their tour guide brought them there as they came in groups. And of course there were locals too!

Took the last three pictures from the "lighthouse". It wasn't that high but I think I have a slight Acrophobia. Coz it feels like I can fall anytime if luck wasn't being nice...HAHAHA! Plus I was holding my HP and DSLR I was kinda paranoid of having these two falls down the lake. Above all the place to walk around was a narrow one with nothing to hold onto except for the guard rail in which I don't trust its staying power...LOL! Amazed by Elie and Jas as they managed to stay up there for so long!

Tried monopod to take picture for the first time and failed miserably

Food wise it was average. Going towards pricey range but not that expensive. Still affordable la. And definitely the amount was worth it as you can enjoy looking at the scenery. Do give this place a try!

It's best to take pictures during daylight as your camera can capture better quality photos during the broad daylight. However this place gets better as the sky turns dark. The atmosphere changed. So beautiful and romantic that I think you can propose someone at this place! HAHAHA!

That's all for today's post. I'll end this with our favorite tagline found on the way back to our hotel...



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Le Dermatologist Visit

After procrastinating for quite some time, here I am, happy to say that I managed to bring myself to a dermatologist. Been wanting to go but somehow I kept coming up with million excuses to myself. Till I was back from my Bandung trip with Dreamie that I decided not to prolong the idea. Basically my skin was bad enough with several acne bumps and super oily the entire time I was in Bandung.

Of course, le skin wasn't that oily by the time I reached Jakarta...However, a bad skin is bad skin!

Have to do something about it or my worst nightmare will haunt me. Deep pitted scars! NOOOO!! In fact I have several of them already. Seriously you'd never want them as they are pretty visible without make up and even more visible after base make up (foundation, etc). So to those who haven't have any of them, I'd suggest you to treat you skin with care from now on! Prevention is better than cure~

Planned to go to Royal Progress at first. But the doctor that I read from a forum only available at night and certain days...So it's like a hassle for someone like me who don't have exact "off from work" time...

From there I heard from bro that his GF went to this dermatologist located pretty near to where I stay. "Can consider the place la" That's what I thought.

Sounds convincing la from what I heard...

Searched the dermatologist name on Google but my attempt was almost a futile. There's only one post about her...hahaha! Worst it was years ago. So yeah decided to post about her here on my blog. Hope that it'll help you guys out there who's living nearby and needed to see a dermatologist.

Dr. Magdalena Mardiono. Sp.KK
Jl. Kelapa Hybrida Raya QK 1/9, Jakarta Utara,
(Somewhere across Jakarta Taipei School)
Telp. (021) 4525 163

At first glance the place reminds me of the clinics in PJ (Malaysia). To my surprise, they don't have registration place for you to take numbers and queue. So basically you and other patient have to have a good amount of conscience...hahaha.

I came pretty early coz bro scared me that the place is packed and that the doctor only stays there for a good few hours. According to bro I was lucky enough to be the 1st patient. We're the first person who reached the clinic at 6 something...

The doctor arrived at around 7 something. I suggested for you to bring your earphones, book or whatever time consuming to keep you occupied.

Upon entering the room, doctor will asked about your concern. Then she lead you to the bed where she examined your face. For me is face la coz I need her to save my face's skin condition. Right after she's done examining, I directly asked her not to give me acne shots coz I have zero pain tolerance. HAHAHA!

According to her the injection will make my huge acne gone faster. However I have 2 reasons on why I won't opt for injections. First, I am afraid of pain! HAHAHAHA...Secondly, I don't really mind having acnes on my face. Just as long as it won't leave me with deep pitted scars then I am more than happy already. Red scars and such is nothing to me. So yeah...

She ended up giving me these...

(Smells so GOOD! Is that you witch hazel? Cons: SLS and methylparaben)
6. INTERDOXIN 50 (Antibiotics)
7. RELIV (Vit B supplements? Ingredients HERE)

(Only use when prescribed by professionals ok! Don't play with your face~)

Seriously I'd prefer topical creams over medicines. But only realized that the doctor added them onto my list by the time I retrieve them from the pharmacists...So see how it goes in one months time. Doesn't look like there's anything harmful so still ok. Though I'm still kinda skeptical about the cleanser coz it contain methylparaben. The main ingredient that made me stop using Cetaphil. Hmm...we'll see how it goes...Perhaps I'd ask if I can skip the cleanser next...hehehe.

Total damage? Doesn't know the exact number for each items. But both the consulation fee and medicines costs IDR 685k in total.

That's all for now...I'll update after a month! Good skin come to mama! Tee-hee!