Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Year End Addiction

Since it's Christmas and I'm aloney at my home watching anime, I thought that I'd blog on something random. So anyone watched Running Man?? It's been out there for years already but as usual I'm being slow and just gotten the chance to watch them this year.

It all started when Dreamie gave me a link to Running Man epi 163 starring my fav Big Bang. Unfortunately, my internet modem was still under maintenance for many months so I don't have the chance to watch it yet. Until the month of November where I found out that my x-intern, Natasha have a few episodes of Running Man with her. So one day she came to visit the office to hand me the two episodes which have Big Bang as guest. And since I have no internet for many months and don't really have anything to watch during my free time at home, so I copied the all of the Running Man episode she have.

Sure enough I got addicted and asked her if she have more than what she have. If not mistaken she have like...from episode 80++ to 100++ ish?? So there's the beginning part missing! However it turned out that my other intern, Candy has all of them!! Miracle much! That's how I got all the episodes with me...all thanks to these two beautiful ladies!

Basically it's something like Family was it a reality show? hmm I don't know what's the genre. This show mainly about the people playing games and finishing mission. Doh...I'm bad at explaining things! Anyway....they have like 8 main charas running the show...each with their own unique characters! Though later Joong Ki left coz he have filmings (Something liddat...I forgot which epi mentioned's the epi where they all went to Haha's house...LOL!)

(Grashopper, Yoomes Bond, Yoo Hyuk, Yoorus Willis)

Seriously I'm in love with Jae Suk ahjussi! He's mad funny and never fails to bring laughter to me! He's really entertaining and his trandmark ass pose is epic much!

(Commander, Sparta Kook, Tiger, Kook-ie)

When it's strength you're talking about, then it's Kim Jong Kook! Most of the time, the team who have him in the group tend to win...LOL! Power much! Later on this show he tend to let his aegyo side came out and even his name tag turned into Kook-ie! HAHAHA!

To much of my surprise, he's a singer too...Most of the time this shows plays "Loveable" in which you can watch in youtube. Not bad I'd say. Catchy tunes!

(Jae Suk's Sunflower, Big Nose Hyung, Impala)

Things I like about him would be his expressions! Very lebih and I like it ok! HAHAHA! Especially his epic "Oooosaaa" and that add on blush effect whenever he look at woman. Somehow it's cute!

(Ace Ji Hyo, Miss Mong (Blank), Monday Couple w/ Gary)

The only female in Running Man. Except when there's female guest. She's so pretty and I love the Monday Couple starring her and Kang Gary!

(Gaecholas Cage, Peaceful Gary, Monday Couple)

Other than being Monday couple, I also like his calm expression! Especially in the beginning of Running Man where they have photo competition. My stomach hurts so much from laughing at those epic pictures he produced...Here's the photo...LOL!

Apart from that, he produced some really nice songs too under the name of Leessang! Here's some of the song of his that I like!

Ha Dong Hoon a.k.a HAHA
(Haroro, Harrad Pitt)

The cutest chara with kid concept? It's fun to watch him in every episode coz it's always so refreshing to see him acting cute all the way. Apparently he's a singer too under the name Skull & Haha.

(Flower Joong Ki, Brain Joong Ki)

Same age with Gwang Soo, he's often visualized as the smartest among the member! I first knew him from the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He's really good in that drama! Too bad he left this show pretty early. Wish to see him again in the later episodes!


He's also the tallest and most pitiful among the members. I lol-ed hard at his epic "framing" in the early episodes on Ji Hyo. Especially the one about drinking. Love his dramatic expressions too~

Last but not least, here comes my fav scene of Monday Couple from earlier episodes of Running Man.



Always looking forward to their Monday Couple scenes on every episodes. But seems like it ended in the later episodes? Coz the first episodes of Running Man that I watched was epi 163. It looked like they've "break up" on those later episodes. Too bad...I really enjoy looking at them together!

And oh...while watching the episodes with CNBLUE's Yong Hwa, somehow it reminds me of Jasmine. Told her too on LINE but somehow I need pictures to show the resemblance and here it is...LOL! I think she has met her male doppelganger already!

Yong Hwa (Left) Jasmine (Right)

Last but not least, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is happy and have a great Christmas celebration with family, friends and loved ones! I, for myself can't wait for next week coz I'm gonna have a week holiday! So mad happy coz it's been a long time since I enjoy long holiday. Am looking forward to the day I can fully detach myself from stress and work...LOL.