Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sept and Oct Randoms!

Just a lil bit update on my side~
Since all of my energy were drained at work.
Most of the time I'd be too lazy to blog.
But I'll try my best anyway...

For Dreamie's Birthday

For the month of September,
I made this plate deco for a friend of mine.

Yes...I think I failed teribbly on the face drawing!
But it's my 1st try doing these...
Done only with choco paste and plastic!
So it's pretty good I guess? No? LOL!

Only sent her the image since I wasn't on the same island as her...
*sobs* hopefully one day can celeb with her face to face!

For Bro's Bday!

As for the month of Oct,
bought a cake from Tous les Jours.
Always thought that the cake there is so pretty.

So yeah...bought it and am satisfied with the look, packaging and service.
They incl. plastic knife, candles and even matches ok!
Love how they're considerate enough to include matches!
Some more it's pink and huge!
So cute!

Taste wise it's pretty good.
Just that the cream is too much for me.
Just put some aside and it'll do!
Give it a try~

As for my hobby improvement,
I don't think there's much improvement happened.
More like I'm getting that slumps...
Art block??

24 Sept 2013

30 Sept 2013

20 Oct 2013

As you can see,
it changes a lot of times,
and I procrastinate ALOT!

Hopefully I can draw till finish soon~
I miss the feeling of being able to improve and finish an artwork.

The feeling of being able to improve,
even if it's just a lil bit,
it's so intoxicating!

So for every weakness we have,
that can be improved,
it's kind of a blessing.

Coz from those "lack",
we are able to experience the beauty of "improvements"!

So yeah...embrace your weakness nao and turn it into something awesome!