Friday, April 19, 2013

Hunter x Hunter

Honestly I almost gave up on watching this remake version of Hunter x Hunter. Coz when I knew about it, there's like about 60+ episodes already out. So yeah...kinda lazy to catch up with it. Thankfully a friend of mine, Ieu Ieu insisted that I should definitely watch it. (To which I found out later that I am totally hooked up to it and managed to catch up to the latest episodes in no time. Haha...I think it's episodes 75 nao! *winks*)

Talking bout this anime, I've watched the old version long long ago. But at that time I watched it from TV. So I can't really catch up to every episodes coz of things like family members suddenly asking to go out together, forgot the airing time, having some other activities which requires one to leave the TV and bla bla bla.

Can say it's the same case with Inuyasha and Samurai X. Though I'm watching Samurai X anime too right after I'm done watching the live version. Am at around episode 30.

Ok...back to Hunter x Hunter...

The first few episodes were boring...most probably the memories of the scenes from that episodes were still so clear to me. But the episodes onwards are good! Especially starting from when Hisoka first appeared. LOL!

Kurapika, Gon, Leorio, Killua

The frog that appears during Hunter Exam...somehow it's cute~

Would not say much bout this anime coz again I don't want to show much spoiler. But definitely I would love to recommend you all (if you love animes) to watch this one. Storyline wise was good until nao. Not much flashback like Naruto case...Except for about 2 episodes in which "konon" Gon was telling his Aunt Mito azbout what he experienced during the Hunter Exam...LOL. Can say it's a cheat coz it's a repeat of the previous episodes...just have to add Aunt Mito holding a letter and BAM! Flashbacks! Haha.

But other than that, this anime sure is interesting in it's own way. I thought that "Nen" was interesting in a way too. Hehe...Basically in this anime you have Gon who entered the Hunter Exam in order to find out what's so good about being a Hunter and at the same time strives to look for his dad (Ging), then you have Killua who is the son of a famous assassin who wants to be normal and searching for things that he would like to make as his goals in life, from there you have Kurapika who is the last remaining member of the Kurta Clan who wishes to avenge his clan and to collect all the scarlet eyes, last but not least there's Leorio who entered the Hunter Exam in order to use the financial benefits of a hunter to join medical school.

Personally I took a liking of the 3 characters: Gon, Killua and Kurapika. Leorio characters just seems dull and bland compared to the other characters...Even when compared to Hisoka...Somehow I set my eyes on him ever since he first appeared in the first few episodes...hehe.

One thing I liked about him is how hard it is to determine whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. Even till nao I still can't find out. Hopefully the writer won't kill him just like how Naruto writer killed Ero Sennin. *sobs*

And oh!!! Somewhere later in the story, it is shown that Hisoka have a nice body! *coughs* *coughs* And if you watched much further, you can see him with his hair let down too~ (It reminds me of Iori from King of Fighters)

Was planning to flood this page filled with Killua too (my other bias). But oh well...guess alot other people love Killua as much as I do too...So I came into a conclusion that I should post Hisoka pictures instead since he's more on the odd side. (Recently am so into weird characters...something about them just feels so alluring...*coughs*)

BEWARE of excessive amounts of Hisoka pictures from here onwards...LOL! 

Look at dem bodies!

Those eyes and smirks!

Don't even wanna think of what Gon and Killua

He sure is a perv for staring straight at Gon and Killua's ass...

Side view

Front view

When his hair is back to the original

Wondered why the writer makes him into this hairstyle when it was all good even before styling...hahaha. Though of course I can see that the hairstyle suits him in a way. I mean...too handsome then the character feels normal and too Ah...nvm...I'm just going wild in thoughts on unnecessary stuff. Don't really fancy clown or joker so much...but Hisoka's definitely an exception. Everything about him is just interesting~

Ok...enough of me talking bout Hisoka. Am looking forward to the next episodes...Hopefully it won't end so soon. Perhaps another hundreds of episodes would suffice...Even better if it's as long as One Piece. Though I dunno how the writer gonna continue with the story.

Heard from a friend of mine who read the manga that the writer stopped writing halfway. I think that's a bad news for me since I've just started to get really addicted to Hunter x Hunter. Really hope that the writer will continue writing ASAP. Am praying that he'll get all the idea he'll need to continue the story...Coz I think the characters and storyline have potential to yeah...

Anyway, am looking forward to the anime film: Hunter x Hunter Phantom Rouge...It was out on most prob it'll be in DVD form somewhere around June? So excited can!! Last but not least, here's the preview on the anime film. 

That pretty much ends this post...good night and I hope that this post kinda succeed in persuading you to watch this anime.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Solution for Jealousy by HoneyWorks

Wanna share this cute videos I saw awhile back. It's so cute in some way which I dunno how to describe. Almost like looking at my daughter and son falling in love with someone ( if I have a son/daughter!) it is!

Boy Version

Girl Version

Cute isn't it? Love how the lyric feels like cotton candy and also the beautiful artworks on the vids. These has got me interested in Honeyworks and so I searched about them on Google. Here's their YOUTUBE, Nico Nico Douga, Ameba Blog and Web if you're interested with them too~